Cardiff Photos

We got into groups of 4 and allocated 4 words; Greenest Gem, Theatre of Dreams, Biggest Small City and CuriousCITY. We had to represent these words by capturing these meanings around Cardiff. The statue of the lion represents ‘Greenest Gem’ this is done by the green leaves of the tree and the green distressed surface of the statue and his eye. This photo is quite literal although by showing the nature within the photo it suggests how nature is in a built up city but also the wildlife and nature within the city. For ‘Theatre of Dreams’ we have captured an image of an alleyway where there are lots of bars and clubs. The way that street is curving round draws your eye into the ‘Theatre of Dreams’. It also shows the quirkiness of the music and pub culture in Cardiff and the idea of how this can be someones personal ‘Theatre of Dreams’. I like how the vibrant colours have been captured in the shot and how they really bring it to life. For the ‘Biggest Small City’ we decided to take photos of the arcades as Cardiff has so many hidden arcades in the city centre and think this is such a nice quality to Cardiff. The way that the image is captured makes the arcade look much bigger than it actually is, I think this is using the space well and really coming across as the ‘Biggest Small City’. Our final image is ‘CuriousCITY’ and this is my favourite photograph. Along the castle wall there is the bunny rabbit that is peering over  the wall, the way the bunny is peering over creates a real ‘curious’ feel to the photo and is very quirky. The building in the bottom left hand corner and the traffic lights still keeps the element of the ‘city’ in the frame. This task has shown me that as graphic designers how simple it is to include your own images by capturing a photo and editing it on photoshop and how effective it can look.

cardiff photos.jpg


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