Annie Leibovitz

Anna-Lou Leibovitz was born in Connecticut 1949. Leibovitz studied at the San Francisco Art Institute although grew a love for photography. She later worked for the music magazine Rolling Stone in 1970 then got promoted to chief photographer in 1972. Leibovitz has shot a a number of Vanity Fair covers of portraits of celebrities. During 1980s, Leibovitz also worked on a number of high-profile advertising campaigns, then in 1991 she was the first woman to have more than 200 photographs which were exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington. She photographed black-and-white portraits of American athletes Summer Olympics in Atlanta which were published in the book Olympic Portraits. Leibovitz published the book Women in 1999 she photographed a range of images of women from Supreme Court justices to Vegas showgirls to coal miners and farmers. She’s also published the book American Music along with exhibitions Annie Leibovitz: A Photographer’s Life, 1990-2005 along with a book, aswell as another exhibition Pilgrimage. She’s worker with Marks & Spencer advertising to calendar for the tire manufacturer Pirelli. 

Annie Leibovitz.jpg


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