Unloved Heritage

The branding project set by Equinox design agency was to rebrand Unloved Heritage. The reward for this was £500 and a work experience placement, this created a huge incentive. Although, with it being a short project and alongside the other work with subject, myself and Megan decided to collaborate together. We thought that not only will this take the work loads off so we would be able to complete it before the deadline, we also work well together.

The client wants an umbrella logo which creates a visual representation of unloved heritage and the partners involved. Therefore, we started by researching into Unloved Heritage and the partners to form a greater understanding of the brand. Some key aspects of the brand which stood out to us was the welsh heritage, the involvement in archeology, history and photography. Therefore this gave us a starting point of ideas which we could include in the visual identity. We also began gathering all of the partners visual identities together, a prominent theme which we noticed was the celtic style. This is something which we thought could be explored further because of the correlation.

partners logo.jpg

From research and initial ideas we put together a mind map to jot down quick ideas that came to mind. By doing this it showed links between idea’s which we shared. The Celtic style of the partners visual identities could suggest the welsh heritage through wales being a Celtic country. We wanted to communicate the way that unloved heritage works with with subjects like history and archeology. Thinking about all of these aspects we came up with the idea using a dragon as a symbolic visual representation of the brand. This suggests the welsh heritage, history and archeology and a dragon is also a motif in Celtic mythology. Therefore, we thought that this may be a good way to communicate the brand values and identity.

mind map.jpeg

In the briefing Equinox discussed a few ideas and visuals that the client liked. One of them that stuck out to us was the branding of Tiny Rebel. Therefore, we used this as a starting point to help our visuals. We thought that as Unloved Heritage work with a younger target audience, by creating a ‘mascot’ might be something which they may engage well with.

tiny rebel

Together we began to individually sketch ideas to see if we could start to form an visuals. Once we had formed a range of sketches we took a step back and began to reflect on the drawings. When comparing sketches, I thought that Megans were drawn better as they were more delicate and sophisticated. Although, we felt that because of the target audience and the fact that we wanted more of a Tiny Rebel influence, that mine may suit the brand better. This is because they were slightly more loose and messy.


I took the hand rendered sketch to the computer and began to digitalise it whilst receiving feedback from Megan so we were both happy with the style. I used a wacom pad to trace it on illustrator to create a more professional outcome. And then I changed the brush to a hand rendered brush effect. This is influences by a looser and more humanist design influences by the Tiny Rebel mascot. The partners could use the logo but alter it to fit their colour scheme. By doing this it would fit with the Unloved Heritage visual style but still individualise their own identity.

Final Logo.jpg

We both then began to contextualise the visual identity. We chose the colour red as it suggests the welsh heritage, but it also has the possibility to change to each of the partners colours. The shape of the logo could also act as a way finding system throughout the brand identity as the shape helps to lead the eye. We decided to focus mainly on the marque and stay away from type because both of us weren’t that confident with the welsh translation. And the requirements wanted every bit of text to be translated and abide the welsh brand guideline. This is a different way of designing as I usually prefer to focus more on the type and stay away from illustration as I feel that’s where my strengths and weaknesses lie. Although, I am happy with the outcome and our collaboration throughout the short project.

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I really liked the dissertations which have been designed, not only do I think that they were visually very strong but it also celebrates the time and effort that goes into the 10,000 word thesis. There were a few which stood out to me for different reasons. I really liked one which focused mainly on typography and layout, I think that the way this created visuals shows the success of the type. Another one I liked is how each chapter was printed in separate books which were then put together to make a complete dissertation. I think that this shows how thinking of interesting ways to print design can make such an impact on the artefact. The last one which stood out to me is the dissertation that was displayed like a newspaper through the layout and material printed on. This suggests the context of the dissertation which I think works well. I am really looking forward to creating one of these as I think that it gives the dissertation a greater value.


Unfortunately I forgot to take a photograph of Jake’s Pictake project, but this is one which really stood out to me. I think that by taking a humorous approach can be a challenge as if it isn’t funny then it completely fails. The use of image and type worked well together as it created strong visuals, and the minimalistic design style creates a modern style which communicates the current topic well. I think that he approached the political topic well and the humour was successful. I also think that it was prominent the level body of work which made it stand out.

IMG_6979.JPGThis was my favourite piece out of the whole of the degree show for a number of reasons. I think that the ambitious scale and printing really gave this project extra attention. I think that the strong use of colour and typography creates a striking final outcome. I also like that similar to the Pictake project it communicates a current issue. This is because it shows how graphic communication can help to communicate contemporary issues which is giving design a further purpose by trying to help make a difference.




IMG_6985.JPGI like the way that this project is interactive. This is a similar technique which someone used in the degree show the year before which I also liked. The way that there is an option to respond to the piece allows the audience to view the design, reflect upon it and respond. By doing this it encourages more people to stop and absorb the topic being communicated and the design. It is also interesting to see how different people respond to the same topic and design. By doing this it creates a greater relationship and interaction between the audience and the design.



The branding of the degree show was very successful prior to the exhibition and at the exhibition. I really liked the name as it created a personal relationship between the the design work and the designers showcasing their skills in the exhibition. The level of online presence created a buzz before the event which first grabbed my attention. I think that the exhibition programme was graphically very strong by the design style, but also the way it had been printed and put together. I liked the way it could be folded up to create more interesting visuals that showcase the work in an exciting way. By seeing the branding for the pl{us} degree show it has given me the aspiration to be part of the design team for next year. Not only is it a good piece for portfolio, but I also think that it would provide a great sense of achievement to be involve in.


Over all I think that this project has been very beneficial! A CV and portfolio is something which I have been meaning to create since last summer but I have always put it off. This has forced me to make one which I am very happy about because I can now start applying for work experiences!

The introductory day to digital me with Neil helped me to reflect on graphic communication and how powerful it is. It made me focus on who I am as a designer and my point of view towards design. I found this very beneficial for writing a CV which is personal to me. But also was very useful for myself as a designer, to understand how the profession is changing.

Focusing on a personal CV and portfolio I found quite challenging, as I always find it difficult to write and design for myself. Although, I do think that I have created a personal body of outcomes which all have a consistent theme throughout which is important. By having quite a minimalistic design style made it easy to keep consistency, but I also think that this draws more attention to the work being showcased.

Even though I developed projects before starting to put together the portfolio. It was apparent that once the portfolio was put together it was more clear what projects still needed to be developed further. Because of this I am glad that I started to put it together quite quickly so I was able to reflect on what needed to be improved. It has shown me how important contextualising designs is, as it creates more value and shows how it could work in real life.

Throughout the project we had more guidance with who we are as designers rather than the visuals of the CV and portfolio. Whilst this was helpful to begin to form a point of view, it was also difficult to know whether the digital me outcomes were visually working well. Although, after the formative feedback with David this reassured me that I was on the right track, so I then felt more confident to proceed with the visuals.

Developing Work Further

Period Poverty

I have developed my persuasion project further for a number of reasons. The background music that I had was quite slow and depressing, so I have changed it to a background music which is sensitive for the subject matter but is slightly more up beat. I found it very difficult to find free music downloads that doesn’t over power the voice over, yet creates the right atmosphere. Another slight change I made is taking away ‘switch to’ sustainable sanitary products. This is because previously in the animation I have used key words for the type as the voice over expands on the context. This is something which David said works well so thought I should use this when necessary.

I also want to use this project for the exhibition so I have decided to create some posters to go with the animation. This is because in an exhibition space I do not think that the animation would look enough on it’s own. Whilst I used illustration in the animation which worked well, I don’t think the illustrations are strong enough to put on the poster. Because of this I have used photography to create visuals for the poster. I have used red food colouring to represent blood which forms a realistic image. By doing this it is a direct design technique that creates shock tactics. This helps to challenge the stigma’s surrounding menstruation. Another way of trying to break the taboos is by having a males hand holding the tampon rather than a females hands. This is pushing boundaries by the way that men are not stereotypically associated with periods. I have also taken a photo of a pad with food colouring on. This is also quite a graphic image which draws the eye across the poster and focusing on the word ‘period’ which anchors the context of the photo.

period poverty posters.jpg

Contextualising Projects

The most prominent piece of feedback to me that David gave was to show my work in context further. He said that whilst I was doing this, it could be pushed further rather than a flat pdf. Because of this I have taken more photo’s of the level 4 editorial project printed out and on a pink background. Not only does it show it in context as an editorial spread, but the pink gives it a pop of colour and makes the spread more visually striking.

Even though I had previously taken photographs of the Rajasthan project in context. I had taken it on a white background, so the books didn’t stand out well and looked like they were floating. Therefore, I have taken photo’s on a red background. Not only does this help the outcomes stand out more, but it also shows the vibrant colours within the photobook. I have also taken photos to visualise the augmented reality aspect as this then suggests further techniques explored.

Once I had developed all of my projects it stood out to me that the Fellowship Focus project was the weakest piece in my portfolio. After receiving my formative feedback for the project I decided to develop it even further by changing the colour scheme and the name. A name which the client quite liked was collective, because of this I have changed it to ‘Current Collectives’. Not only does this suggest the collaborative work which they do, but it also suggests that they work on current projects. The CMYK colour scheme did not work as it was too bright. The client liked this as first as they thought it was vibrant which represented the exciting work they do. However I have altered this and I think that the new colour scheme looks more visually aesthetic.

Online & PDF Portfolio

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 18.21.39Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 18.22.05Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 18.22.14

The design style of the CV helped to influence the design for the portfolio’s. I have created an online portfolio and a PDF portfolio. The benefits of having both of these is an online portfolio is easily accessible for people to access, where as a PDF portfolio is usually sent directly the a person. Some people may also have personal preferences to each type of portfolio, so by sending two types it gives them an options. A PDF portfolio is less navigating, so it is all in one document. Although, an online portfolio can show how you can create your own website or use website templates.

For the online portfolio, we had a workshop with Matt to show us how to create an online portfolio using wordpress. This did show me how wordpress is an easy tool to create a website and has a wide range of templates to use. Although, I personally prefer adobe my portfolio for a number of reasons. I think that my portfolio is very easy to use, and whilst there are more limited templates I think that it show cases work well. Another small preference over wordpress is I prefer that in the URL it says ‘myportfolio’ rather than ‘wordpress’.

Alongside each project that I am showcasing in my portfolio I have written a short description for the project. By doing this it provides the reader with the brief and the outcome. I have focused on trying the condense the amount of writing to as little as possible. This is because most employers are very busy so do not want to read big body of text. So by trying to keep it short, will hopefully engage them more. I found this very difficult trying to fit a lot of information into a short amount of writing. By splitting the description of the project into ‘aim’ and ‘response’ makes the information seem shorter and easier to read.

Re-Branding Myself

favourite logo vectors.

From the 100 ideas project at the start of level 5 we constructed a range of different logo’s for ourselves. At the beginning of digital me I thought about developing these further. Although, looking at existing cv’s and portfolio’s, quite a lot of them which I liked had a photo of the person. I never used to like this approach as I thought that you shouldn’t use an image of yourself within CV’s. But I felt that these CV’s and portfolio’s had a lot more personality, because of this I decided to try this approach.

developments of logo

I have used a head shot of myself looking directly into the camera lens and smiling in black and white. I think by having a photo of me smiling suggests I am a friendly and approachable person. By having it black and white on a plain background not only looks more professional which suggests me as a designer. But it also allows me to develop the photo with computer manipulation to make it more striking. I have decided to combine the photography with paint strokes to suggest that as a designer I am experimental and enjoy not only working on the computer, but also working with other art & design techniques.

logo development.jpg

I have scanned the brush strokes in and image traced it to create a sharper and stronger shape. This still has an experimental and hand rendered effect, but creates a more professional look. I have layered the brush stroke effects to form a more fluid shape. I have also positioned them to cover part of my face so it is still recognisable and doesn’t completely cover it. By combining the image with a modern sans serif type suggests that I’m a designer that also enjoys typography, but also has an interest in modern and contemporary design styles. Including my name also begins to create more personality within the visual identity. The limited colour palette of black, white and pink will allow me to work with a colour scheme throughout the deliverables which will create consistency.

Portfolio Photo

After speaking to David he questioned why I had covered so much of my face. He suggested that it would be better if more of my face was visible. Therefore, I have decreased the opacity of the paint strokes so my face is more visible. As well as this I have used a wider range of brush strokes and increased them in size so it is not as condensed and restricted on my face. This also suggests more of a hand rendered and experimental look suggesting me as a designer.


Developed & Final Portfolio Work

Fellowship Focus

I was happy with the outcomes that I produced for Fellowship Focus, although I think that the biggest part which lacked in skill was the website. This is due to a running out of time leading up to the deadline. Because of this I have gone back over it and redesigned a website design.

Developed Website

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I have developed the animation by changing the voice over slightly. I think that using a male voice is very successful as it helps to tackle stigmas surrounding menstruation, but doesn’t flow well together because of recording it at different times. I have re done the voice recording which I do think works better, as it is all the same tone and volume. Although, it is still slightly monotone but I think that this is due to the males voice. For the persuasion project I have decided not to include the mock ups of the social media and the website in my portfolio. Because whilst this shows how it would look in a real life context, I do not think that this shows a huge amount of skill. I produced these to show to the client in the presentation how my concept would be applied to real life online platforms.

Penguin Book Cover

I have decided to include my design for the student Penguin Book Cover award into my portfolio without any further development. This is because I am happy with the modern and contemporary redesign of Animal Farm by George Orwell. I think there is a strong use of hierarchy and colour which stands out well.

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The first field project I chose the Mind Your Own Business module, I was in a group called Brew where we specialised in sustainable ceramic coasters. I feel that this is a good piece to include in my portfolio, not just because it demonstrates that I work well in a team. But also that our group was so successful that we won the Team Spirit award in Big Ideas Wales. The feedback that we had from both tutors, the entrepreneurial centre that encouraged us to enter and the judges all commented on the successful branding which helped form such a strong visual identity. This is something that I am very proud of as this was other area that I focused on specifically.

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The field study trip to Rajasthan is the project which allowed me to expand my creative influences through travelling and exploring different cultures. By adding this to my portfolio shows my passion to travel and how this can help benefit design. It also shows the wide range of art and design techniques. This demonstrates that whilst I am a graphic design, I also enjoy experimenting with other areas art & design.

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On Display

Reflecting on the On Display project feedback I have decided to develop the tickets for the exhibition further. I have focused more on hierarchy as well as providing more information on the tickets. Not only does the improve the context of the ticket but the developed hierarchy and layout also draws the eyes throughout the piece.

developed tickets.jpg

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Changing Faces

Whilst the Digital Me project should mainly have our level 5 work in, this is an editorial piece from level 4 which I still really like. I love the photography, and I like how it shows typography skills. I have not developed this project any further as I am happy with the outcome.

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