Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a process which is completely new to me and before trying it I found it difficult to understand how it worked. Although after spending a morning being introduced and experimented with AR I am very excited to see how I can incorporate this in with my book to create an interactive artists book. I have a background using Adobe After Effects and it is very time consuming to put together a short piece of animation. Although Ingrid introduced us to iMovie which we can do on our iPhones, and I’m shocked at how quick and easy it is to put together a video. This will be very useful when we are in India as an iPhone is a device that we will constantly have on us.

The task we were given is to create a short video introducing ourselves and our expectations/excitements for the Rajasthan trip. By shooting some short video clips allowed us to have some material to be able to use when becoming familiar with the software. This video could be used for the start of our artists book, although I’m unsure whether I will use the video from our workshop as it may be too much of a contrast to the rest of the videos. We then linked this video to a still photo using HP reveal, this is how the audience will be able to interact with our artists books.



Artist Book Inspiration

toms book inspiration

Having a workshop with Tom gave me lots of inspiration for possible artist books ideas. To see very complex books in comparison to very simple yet effect books shows the amount of scope to be explored in the project. Due to my interest in creating a ‘spice box’ inspired book, it instantly drew my attention to some of the books which were packaged in a box. This shows how the box could be used to contain a book, or it could be used as the shell of the book with loose objects inside.

As I am interested in gathering materials and ephemera relating to the Indian food, Tom has helped me to decide that I will gather all of these and heat bind them together once I am back. This will not limit me with what to include in book so at the end of the trip I can decide what are the most important elements to communicate the exciting food in India. Although another way I could use the approach of gathering all the ephemera, could be tying them together with fabrics gathered in India rather than heat bounded. These are different design techniques that will have to explored and to see which would be best.

I would also like to create a photo book documenting my journey through exploring Indian food. By doing this I can experiment with programmes such as Photoshop and Indesign which I feel very comfortable using. And can explore how layout can create pace and make the audience feel like they are experiencing this journey together. This photo book can be kept inside the box along with gathered spices and ephemera to create an interactive artist book.

Spice Boxes

massala dabbaThe masala dabba is an Indian tray which is used in Indian kitchens to contain spices. It usually has a clear lid to seal the spices and comes with a small spoon. I would like to explore this idea of how I can create a box which can contain Indian spices communicating my journey in collecting them.

spice boxes.jpg

When looking through the artist books in the library I was very intrigued by the Consequential Coastline piece, by the way the concertina piece was packaged in a box. This created an interactive piece which engages the audience to wonder what is inside. The way of engaging with an audience is something that I would like to achieve in my project. By using this approach of creating a box rather than a bounded book is a way that I will be able to learn a new skill. There are a range of different shapes/style of boxes that I can research into to see which would be the best for my project. I also think that this will be an effective way of gathering a range of ephemera on my travels.


The photo’s which I have gathered of existing spice boxes are made from different materials. Although, I think that wood is the most visually aesthetic material and gives an organic look. I would like my box to have these qualities, but I have never made anything in would before so may be a challenge. By using the box to contain the exploration of food in India could be interesting to have different compartments. The top layer influence by a traditional spice trays to contain spices gathered on my travels. The middle containing a collections of ephemera which relate to the food in India and how I gathered these spices. And the bottom keeping a photo book which would document the journey of the foods in India. By having a physical object which the audience can interact with makes it more engaging. Hopefully this will communicate well to an audience and make them feel part of the journey.

Artist Book Ideas

Artist Book Ideas

The artist book which we will be creating is important to document and communicate what we have learnt throughout our time in Rajasthan. My initial ideas are to create an editorial piece using photography documenting our travels. This is because combining image and type then experimenting with layout is something which I enjoy and would like to explore. Although I am worried that because of the structure of the project this will be difficult to complete in the final week. I would also like to make the most of field and push myself to try different design techniques and approaches. Therefore I think that by doing some research into the places we will be visiting may help to widen my ideas for the artist book.

The Pink City.

Jaipur is known as The Pink City due to the pink terracotta buildings which light up the city. With this I could focus on the colour pink using photography, found objects, media with pink pigments. The colour pink could keep a consistency throughout the book.

pink city.jpg


I love food and I am very excited to try the different types of food in India. By doing this I can explore how food effects our senses, such as the colours, smells and textures of spices. This could be communicated by making a spice box to keep all of the ephemera and media gathered in it.


Pop-Up Shapes.

The shapes of the architecture creates such interesting visuals, the way that they are constructed to illuminate light shows the beauty of the buildings. The repetitive textures of the surface reinforces strong shapes. It would be interesting to explore with the construction of buildings and I could incorporate this in a pop up style artist book.

pop up shapes.jpg

Artist Books

artists books.jpg

As an introduction to the Rajasthan project we began to look through a variety of artists books. These all used a range of different medium, styles and approaches. By looking at a wide variety of artist books has shown me how important an interactive and engaging artist book can be. My three favourite books were Flat Holm, Consequential Coastline and Follow The Bees. The limited colour scheme and the strong use of shapes makes the graphic style of Flat Holm very striking. The relationship between image and type forms an exciting pace for the audience to engage with. The detail within Consequential Coastline is an aspect which I like, although the design approach is something which stood out for me against the rest of the artists book. Not only was the box it is packaged in very intriguing. But the collaboration between artists to form a large concertina which creates one piece, shows how with a consistent style can form a strong visual piece of work. My third favourite artist book was Follow The Bees, the way they combine type, layering and colour creates an engaging piece. The strong use of colour is something which makes this piece so striking. This is a design element which I want to be prominent in my artist book. I am expecting bright and vibrant colours in Rajasthan which could visually communicate their culture.

MYOB Reflection

Reflecting upon the last 5 weeks of MYOB I have enjoyed it thoroughly. I am both relieved and disappointed it has come to an end. Whilst I enjoyed the project throughout, the last few days has been stressful trying to put together the business plan. As a group we left it until the last week which meant that we were panicking we might not get it done in time. Although we allocated each member different area’s to write about and it came together well. This was the part which we were all least excited for, yet we managed to get it done in plenty of time and proud that we completed it to our best ability. Along with the business plan we also made a photo book to go alongside. We had so many photo’s but we didn’t want to include any in the business plan so thought it would work well in a separate document. Due to the nature of our brand capturing the journey of the brand and product, this communicated our brand identity well.

Working with creative’s from other discipline’s has opened my eyes to the possibilities which can be achieved in trans-disciplinary projects. I enjoyed that we were still able to use our strongest skills to best use, but we could still experiment with unfamiliar design techniques. I was put in a group with Lizzie, Annie, Lydia and Sherlock; we all worked extremely well together. The dynamics of the group is definitely reflected in the brand and helped with the development in the project. The divided team effort from each member helped to develop ideas and the process of producing work without any arguments. To overcome any decision making we put it down to a majority vote, this was the easiest way to settle any disagreements and made the decision making quicker. Communication within the group was very successful due to group chats and regular group meetings. By doing this, we were able to retain consistency throughout the brand.

Not only has this project taught me a lot about design but also entrepreneurship. Setting up your own business is a lot more than it may seem. But with the right group which work well together this can be achieved in an enjoyable way. Although as a group I think that we could benefit from a team member that specialises in finance. This is because none of us specialise in this field so found it very hard to excel in this area. As we all worked so well together we have discussed about possibly carrying on the company. We think that we have achieved so much in such a short amount of time, it would be a shame to leave it. I think that we have learnt so much from each other and also from what we have created so far. Therefore, we could improve and develop on different elements which have been identified. Our products could be developed to a larger range, mugs, tea pot etc. this shows the endless possibilities to brew.


Sales Event


Our Sales event was a success and a very enjoyable experience. I was rewarding to see how our project has come together to create a successful brand and products. We had positive feedback from our audience about the promotional material around the university and online. Due to the branding which was used in the advertisements, social media and website etc we had already made back our seed fund prior to the sales event due. This was because of these forms of promotion and communication which allowed the audience to request the product without seeing the coasters due to them not being ready until the day before. This shows a huge success to all the work that we put in before the sales event. This meant that all sales made on the day were all profit so this was a bonus!

brew advert.jpgOur sales stand was inspired by the seasonal advert as it creates a christmasy and homely feel. We had lots of feedback on the sales stand, this is because it stood out against the rest of the stands as it was so different. I bought in old patio doors and a table which I had in my house. By using these unwanted objects, transformed and gave them a purpose again. This extends the products use which creates a more sustainable sales stand. I made a stencil of our brand logo and sprayed the windows with frosting spray, this subtly combines our brand logo and shows the link between the advert. All the other materials on the stand were also sourced as they were borrowed or unwanted items.

To create an aroma at the sales stand I bought in a coffee percolator to reinforce the brew brand identity. Although Lumino one of the other groups positioned themselves next to us. They made scented candles, their scent combined with our coffee did not work too well in either of our cases as the combination didn’t work together. If we were not next to each other I think both of our groups would have been more successful by using specific aroma’s.

On the sales day we had good feedback about the pricing for the product. We were selling 1 coaster for £3 and 4 coasters for £10. Whilst the pricing was working well, most people felt that 4 coasters were too much, I think this is because the majority of customers on the day were students. Therefore later in the day we added another offer in which is 2 coasters for £5 and these were selling well. Therefore we should have started this offer earlier in the day.

When sales started to slow down we decided to take the initiative and two of us set up a sales table in the Business Management block. We did this to be around a wider audience as not many people who weren’t from CSAD knew about the sales event. Whilst we didn’t have the creative sales stand we still managed to make some sales. Even though this wasn’t planned I do think that this was a successful idea which we decided on the day.

After talking to one customer as we were explaining the background behind our product and brand, they loved our brand values and how we focused throughout the project on sustainability. Although they pointed out that knowing nothing about this and looking at the sales stand, this was not communicated very well. This could have been a focal point which could have highlighted one of our USP’s. After discussing this as a group we have decided that to improve this we could have included some of the photography of the design process. This would have highlighted the craftsmanship within the brand. Another point which we though of is developing some product tags including a brief description of the company’s efforts towards being sustainable. This would have communicated some of our core value’s stronger.