Interem Presentation

Interem Presentation – Izzy Young

The feedback that I had from my presentation was mainly suggesting how I can improve on my presentation rather than my project. Whilst I included my ideas and research I did not reference where I got my research from, if I had included these references it would help to contextualise my practice. Another key point was we had 3 minutes to present and I didn’t have chance to complete my presentation as I was going to run over on the time. I think that this shows that I need to structure my presentation more by writing down prompt cards so I don’t expand on a point too much. Because I wanted to include as much of the information within a limited time I don’t think that I explained my idea’s and thought process well.

I had very positive feedback from the other pupils in the group about my designs and ideas. Although Theo did not think that my idea’s related strongly enough to the theme etymology as he thought that it should be more focused on words rather than visuals. I did this deliberately as one reason I chose etymology is because I like working with type and I feel comfortable working in this way. Therefore I felt that by taking a visual approach it is less obvious and would try and push my personal boundaries. Another point Theo made was that my question ‘Is the evolution of language devaluing?’ creates a negative response because devaluing suggests negativity. I can see how this may influence the audience to think that the evolution is devaluing which is the reason I will change the word. I do not want to give the audience an answer I want them to question it and respond to it without implying a negative or positive view.

Whilst I think that this presentation helped me a lot with points on how to improve my presentation skills which will help when doing my 10 minute final presentation. I do not feel like I received as much feedback that was focused on the project and my designs as I would have liked to.  The feedback I got was helpful but I feel like this would have been more helpful if I had some feedback related to my design so I knew how to take it further. Therefore I will carry on developing my work and show people during this process to hopefully help improve my designs.


Exhibition & Outcomes Ideas

Exhibition Ideas.jpg

I have gathered images of exhibitions which have been located in The National History Museum and also some interactive exhibitions. At first I though that I wanted to have an instillation of a cave with my illustrations on, although I did not think that this was very interesting. I also wanted to highlight the idea of technology developing and us now beginning to go back to the homo sapiens times by visually communicating through emoji’s.

Therefore I liked the idea of me projecting my  a designs onto a tunnel shaped walk way. Not only is this a more modernist approach but it is also interactive will be engaging to the audience. Another idea that I have had is having a dark room, and any movement will light up a silhouette. If people walked around it they would light up an design closest to the shape that they form, either a homo sapien style drawing or a line drawing. Not only will this help guide them around the room without walking into people but would also create a space which is never the same.

exhibition and outcome ideas.jpg

I want to create a series of designs in the cave painting style, line drawing and a combination of them both. This could be used as a set of emoji’s that could be built upon to communicate objects and symbols. These could also then be used in an app form that could lead you through the exhibition. There could be used in various activities within the app, such as spotting a symbol around the exhibition and saying how many times you’ve spotted it. Or having a mix and match game, where you can pair together the homo sapien style image with a line drawing to create the final design. These ideas can also be used on screens around the exhibition for people to interact with.

At the end of the exhibition it may also be interesting to have a space which people can write their responses to whether the evolution of language is devaluing or not. As I do not want to give an answer I want the aim of my exhibition to allow the audience to be able to reflect on my question. People could also specify their age or gender etc as this could then be explored whether demographics come into the outcomes. I also want to create an animation to bring my brand identity to life which I will experiment with on aftereffects. Other outcomes which could be explored are posters, brochures etc.

Mark Development

illustator charcoal line test.jpg

I have taken my few of my favourite marks and started digitalising them by using my wacom pad to draw the marks on illustrator. When I was experimenting by hand I liked the look of the charcoal as it shows links between the cave paintings. Because of this I have downloaded a brush to use which I think has a digitalised a charcoal effect which I like.

cavepainting to line deer experiments.jpg

I have created a textured effect using red, yellow and orange chalk and scanned them into the computer. In my research most of the cave painting all had a warm colour scheme, therefore I wanted to stick with these colours.

hand media experiment.jpg

With the hand rendered chalk texture that was scanned in, I decided to manipulate these on photoshop using the filter gallery. I think that these make the textures look strong and bold which I like.

on diplay mark development.jpg

The mark that I have decided to use is in a cave painting style of a deer, I have done this as drawings of animals are very prominent in their paintings. I have not finished the drawing of the deer but have turned it into a very simple line drawing of a deer which was inspired by Picasso’s Bull. Not only does this created an abstract look but I also think that it visualises whether we are progressing or regressing with time.

mark & type tests.jpg

Once I was happy with my mark I wanted to see how it would work with type. The two fonts that I have tried are Myriad Pro Regular and Futura Medium. I decided on these fonts as they are modernist sans serif font which I like, I also think that this modernist style is contrasting to the cave painting style. This contrasting style highlights the evolution of language. My two favourite designs are of the name of the brand ‘Excavate’ which is vertical and to the side of the mark. I think this works well as the shape of the mark is awkward to place text underneath or above as they do not visually work together. Therefore I think that it has a strong connection by sitting alongside the mark. Although when the subheading is included I think that it is strongest to the bottom right of the mark, this is because I think it balances out the logo well.

Rethinking Material Culture

Modernity = Form follows function

Sustainability = Form follows meaning

From the rethinking material culture session, the main point that I took away from it is that things aren’t as simple as they may seem. For example within the video of Stuart Walker he touched upon how buying water in recyclable bottles isn’t as sustainable as we think. As more people buy these bottles and throw them away they think they are helping because of the recycling symbol but there is still a constant growth in waste. I have never thought about recycling in this way and it highlights how within our work we should focus on form follows meaning. If I try to think in this way when creating my work it may help to create innovative ideas.

We also looked at Wabi Sabi’s style and ethos and how they are contrasting to a modernist style. As a practitioner I would say that I am a modernist designer not Wabi-Sabi. I think this can be shown through the structure that I like to work in and also exploring with with strong and bold visuals. I also think that Graphic Communication is more modernist than Wabi-Sabi, although both myself as a practitioner and Graphics as a discipline can be very Wabi-Sabi. This is because working to a brief can change the style of work drastically depending on the target audience, context and what you are trying to communicate. Therefore I do not think all Graphic Design are in a modernist style.

We got into groups anddecided to try and combine spirituality with a functional object. We chose to have hinduism as an inspiration looking at Brahma The Creator and combine with a chair. The relaxation chair has taken elements of the Hindu religion to influence a peaceful and relaxing object. This is interesting to see how combining two contrasting influences can create something exciting and push boundaries.



At first I wanted to call my exhibition Is the evolution of language devaluing? This is because I want it to be engaging and make the audience reflect upon the question. I do not want to give an answer for this question, but hopefully want to communicate the brand identity in a way in which they can discuss this idea and have their own opinion. Although this was a very long title for an exhibition name so do not think that it is very catchy. Therefore I began to think about how this could be my subheading to the exhibition and try to think of a name.

I started to look at the etymology of some words which I felt would link strongly to the idea behind the brand. By discovering these words and meanings, one which really stood out for me was excavate which means hollowed out. Excavate comes from the word cave, I felt like not only does this represent the ‘caveman’ historical time, but hollow out also suggests how the evolution of language could be ‘hollowing out’. Therefore I come to a decision that my brand and exhibition name will be Excavate with a sub heading of Is the evolution of language devaluing?

title etymology.jpg

Etymology Marks

Homo Sapiens

I have gathered some information of some things that cavemen invented, ate and hunted/hunted with. This could help to start thinking of visuals for my brand identity. I can also think of some media which they would have painted with; berries, charcoal, blood, crushed bones etc. I could either try designing some marks with these as inspiration.


I’ve started to sketch some ideas for my brand identity mark. I have taken inspiration from the cave painting and Piscasso by using a simple line drawing technique. I think that this represents my idea of whether the evolution of language is regressing because of the simplicity of lines or progressing with technology. Some common images used in cave paintings are animals, hunters and hands etc. Within lots of this images I have taken a cave painting style image and not completed it and replaced with simpler lines, I think this creates an abstract look. I have tried experimenting with these ideas and began to start adding colour and different media. I think that the charcoal and chalk works the best as it creates a more rustic a natural look which is an aspect of the cave painting which I like. I have tried making a hand stencil and sponging on acrylic paint to represent how hand stencils were made by blowing pigments on to the cave wall. I do like this effect although I think that I prefer the use of chalk in the designs over the acrylic paint because it highlights the natural aspect of the homo sapiens style paintings. From my initial designs I will develop these further to represent my brand identity.

brand mark ideas.jpg

Picasso’s Bull

picasso the bull.jpg

Leading on from my research and creating a brief of aims for this project, I think I have a stronger hypothesis which I now want to develop into a brand identity. The way that homo sapiens would draw cave painting to communicate and then simplify them to symbols is something that I want to influence my visual identity. From this it made me think of Piccaso’s very recognisable line drawing of the ‘Bull’.

Bull was a series of lithographs which were created in 1945 that have an abstract style. Picasso dissects a detailed image of a bull and gradually discovers essential lines which make up the shape. This is a very important part as these lines transforms the image but still allows it to look legible. The single line drawings are so simple but just as powerful as the detailed bull. I like the graphic style and the fact they are not as implicit. Creating an app of emoji’s in this style would be an interesting way to look at the link between the ancient cave style paintings and the 21st century of emoji’s.