The Coasters

Annie the team leader was behind the production of the coaster. I was surprised at how time consuming ceramics is and the length of the process. Because of this it is a shame that we weren’t all inducted in ceramics as it would have sped up the making process. If were to do this project again, or if we develop our company further then we would all be inducted in ceramics.

coaster making 1.jpg

Throughout the making of the coasters, Sherlock took photographs to capture the journey of brew. I think that these photo’s are fab and really encapsulate the brand identity. We used 100% re-claimed clay, this reinforces our core value of sustainability. This also worked well being a university start-up micro business as this was then free from uni so we didn’t use any of our seed funding.

coaster making 2.jpg

Annie individually personalised each coaster with the word brew on. I loved this aspect as I thought it was subtle but really emphasised the strong brand identity. Unfortunately when this was then fired the word brew was then un-legiable and cannot be read on some of the coaster. This is out of our hands and due to the limited time Annie was not able to test this before hand. If we were to do it again we think that it would work better on the bottom of the coasters as this may work better.

coaster making 3

When the coasters first came out I had no idea what to expect as they look so different when the go into the kiln. Although the first batch that came out looked great although most had not come out as bright as we hoped. Also the area where ‘brew’ was stamped did not glaze, therefore the coaster would easily get dirty. Because of this Annie decided that she could try and reglaze them all again. This is something that she hasn’t done before and they would come out of the kiln the day before the sales event. This was a huge risk but we decided to go for it and see how they turned out.

coaster making 5.jpg

By taking this risk we could have been left with no products the day before our sales event to sell. Although we are glad that we have done this has it turned out very successful. All coasters were glazed and their was a good range of marks on the coasters and intensity of colour. Personally I think they are visually very strong when grouped together in sets, this is because of the contrasting visuals which shows that every coaster is unique. We ordered ‘coaster feet’ to stick on the bottom which worked really well, they stoped any sliding, marking on a table and added a sturdy finish. I think that the combination of coasters and packaging highlights an organic and contemporary style that reinforces our brand identity well.


Paper Packaging

As well as our textile packaging we also decided to order paper bags, this is so it is easier for the customer to carry the product after purchasing. At first we wanted to screen print our logo onto the bags, although as Annie was the only team member inducted in screen printing and know-how to do it. Therefore, it would be too time consuming to show all members how to set the screens up, she was also the member making the coasters so she would have no time available to do this. Therefore myself, Annie and Sherlock all printed onto the brown paper bags. We did this using the same technique as I create the logo. By using marks from the bottom of a mug. This reinforces our brand ethos and shows the hand made skills, I also like how every bag is individual. This unique style is something which is consistent through the coasters and textile packaging. We also letter pressed the words brew onto the bags to personalise them. I enjoyed how quick this technique was. I think these packaging work well although even though they were cheap, we did over order. Even though the bags are 100% recyclable this is not sustainable as their is more waste. Therefore, if we were to do this again we would focus more of the quantity of materials that we would by in.

Poster Developments

poster experiments.jpg

For the posters, we wanted to design two different styles. One creating visual links between our sales stand and one design including product placement and information on the sales event. This was so the audience knew when the event was to increase our sales. Therefore, we felt that it would be a good idea to include product placement, this is to provide the posters which more context. On the posters I prefer the variations without ‘come and find us on’ as I don’t think it is needed. I think that just having the date and location visually works better although the rest of my group preferred it with the ‘come and find us on’ as they thought it sounded more intriguing. Because of this we decided to go with the majority favourite, this is a way that we made lots of our decisions and I think that it worked well. By doing this we came across no arguments or disagreements.

printed posters.jpg

As well as having the poster with the product placement and information about the sales day we also decided to put up our previous advert which we made. We decided to do this as not only does this show a christmasy theme which suggests how our product would be a good gift for Christmas. It will also provide context for our sales stand as this advert we designed is going to be inspiration for our sales stand.

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 12.56.21.png

The second on screen advert we decided to do a print based ad, this is because we felt like the animation last time was successful and gave more of an insight into our brand. Where as this time we wanted it to provide more information into the sales event. I have used the context from our posters which are printed around uni and have changed the layout. This is because the on screen advert in the heart space work better as a landscape. I think that by having a still advert the audience will be able to digest more information as it isn’t on screen for long.


Digital Stitch

At first when we were told that each year most groups digitally stick their logo onto the uniform, as a group we instantly didn’t want to do this. This is because we didn’t think that it would work very well with the shape of our logo. We thought that screen printing may be a more effective technique. Although when me and Lizzie tried digitally printing our logo as an experiment myself and the rest of the group were very surprised at how much we liked it. I have never digitally stitched before so when seeing the process and how easy it to do I thought that this technique would work well against time. Therefore we have decided that on the packaging we will digitally stitch the word brew on. This is because we thought that if it included our branded the customer may be more likely to keep it rather than throwing it away. We also will digitally stitch onto our uniform for the sales event so we look like part of a team. For our uniform we will have aprons, this is because it will highlight the barista theme of the coffee/tea element.




As a promotional technique we have decided to create some badges with our logo on. We then placed these in and around Cardiff Met Llandaff campus to start to introduce our brand to the target audience. The reason for this is most of our sales will probably be to students and teachers at CSAD as this is where the event will be held. By just included the Brew logo it is quite implicit as people who do not know about the brand may start to become intrigued to who what these badges are for. Therefore it may be a good idea that when we get closer to the time to create posters and more badges. The posters will be able to include more information about the brand, product and sales event. This way it will provide more context and people will then understand what the badges are for.

Paper Coasters


Sherlock decided that it would be a good idea to design paper coaster ephemera that will be placed on tables around the University. Not only does this provide more information for the audience. By using information on the paper coaster suggests what the product is, not only is it a piece of ephemera but it is also interactive. The QR code highlights the contemporary style in our brand through the use of technology which directs the audience straight to our website to find out more about the brand.


One of our USP’s of the business is the packaging which our products will be sold within. The coasters will come in a pack on 4 and will be packaged in a ‘tea bag’ this is to reinforce our brand identity. Lizzie showed us a range of materials which she has died in tea bags and hot water, and as a group our favourite was the Cotton Muslin, therefore this is the one that we have gone with. We thought that by dying the fabric with tea stains would be sustainable as it is a natural dye. Also we thought that the aroma of using tea bags to dye it creates a more natural and organic look which fits our brand identity well. I like the way that that dye has distributed unevenly I think that this creates a tea stain look. We will be tying the packaging together with string, this gives organic look and when we attach the tag at the end hopefully it will create a tea bag effect.


Lydia and Lizzie worked together to create the packaging. By digitally sticking the fabric it gives the bag more personality which will hopefully reduce them from throwing away the back. Relating to our core values, hopefully this will make the packaging more sustainable as people may keep it rather than throwing it away. The packaging works well as a gift, not only does it reinforce our brand identity but also looks visually aesthetics.

Advert Animation

The aim of the advert is to introduce our brand to the target audience. This will be displayed in Cardiff School of Art & Design which is the location of where we are selling. As we want the animation to be short and snappy I felt that we could communicate this well through the use of typography. I wanted to explore our brand further by creating a moving identity for brew. Therefore, I began experimenting with an animation to promote our brand.

tea stain animation poster.jpg

The first idea that I had was to experiment with the Marque’s which I created, this suggests the purpose for the coasters. To highlight the brand name I used the tea/coffee effect to reinforce the identity. Whilst I think that this works well I do not think that the design of the animation and poster works very well. This is because I do not that that there is clear hierarchy because of the amount going on. Therefore I decided to start again and see how I can improve this design.

Reflecting on the first animation I decided that I wanted to create a more simple design. As this is providing information for the CSAD I felt that by doing this well I could experiment with type. We wanted to focus on communicating our brand identity so adapted key words from our elevator pitch into the animation. By doing this it began to introduce our brand and acted as a teaser advert as we didn’t have any images of our product. Even though there are no visuals I think that the moving typography worked well on its own as it communicates a strong message. Myself and the group thought that this animation is striking because of the strong use of typography. I also think that the transitions between words looks visually interesting. The use of typography provides context and give the audience information to find out more on our social media and website. At the end of the animation by including links to our social media and website gives the audience an option to find out more about the brand. I think to improve this advert I could experiment using sound. A voice over may make it more legible for the audience as the writing is on screen for a short amount of time, and background music may engage the audience more.

poster experiments - animation black.jpg

poster experiments tea stain.jpg

For the poster design I have used the animation to help inspire the design style. I have used the layout of type and experimented with combining these to create a poster. I first worked with the black and white but then started to add the tea/coffee stain textured effect. My group preferred this as they thought it suited our brand identity more. Therefore because of this I could try using this tea/coffee effect in the animation rather than black and white. This would create more consistency throughout.

As myself and my group thought that it would be good to include the tea/coffee textured as the type. Although as I have created the animation out of text layers this would be very time consuming to change. Therefore we thought that I could use the textured effect as the background rather than the type. This still creates consistency and reinforces the brew brand identity. I have tried it in white and black type, I think that the black is more legible but the white is more visually aesthetic.