Hair Dressing Images


At the start of this project Ray used my previous work of the scissors and the comb for the pattern portrait as an example. Therefore I wanted to explore further into the hair dressing objects and do images for a hair dressing summer course for 18/19. I work in a hair dressers so on my shift I took photos of different elements in the salon that had potential to create interesting outcomes such as the water from the basin, brushes, hair mouse, clippers etc. I had such positive feedback about the healthy eating images and how I zoomed in to show the texture of the fruit and vegetables that I thought this could be used in a similar way. The four final images that I have chosen are bleach, a brush, a hair doughnut and water spray from the basin. I adjusted the brightness and contrast of these images to make them more interesting and striking. Even though I have used a similar technique to the healthy eating images by the way I have enhanced the brightness and contrast and cropped in to different elements of the photo. I think it has created a very different outcome to the healthy eating images whilst still being very visually effective. The colour scheme of the images group them stylistically and the way that they light shines on the objects shows texture well. We had specific measurements that we had to follow for the four final images and present them on an A3 piece of paper. Working to specific measurements was more difficult but I think the images work well together as a final outcome.

hair dressing A3 landscape.jpg


Cocktail Making Images

cocktail variations.jpg

We have been set a new task which is very similar to the last briefs where we had to create images for a summer course for 18/19 year olds although we have been given some more specific design requirements about the size of the final 4 images. I decided to take images for a cocktail making course, I wanted to the focus on a vibrant and colourful colour scheme. This is to show the fun aspect of the cocktail making course but because of how vibrant the images are I think it suggests a ‘drunk’ illusion for the eye. I have cropped into the photographs so it is more difficult to see what each image is of, this is also made more difficult by the colour scheme. The four final images I have chosen is of a cocktail shaker, sugar around the top of a cocktail glass, a lime and straws. I think the shape and textures of these images along with the bright and vibrant contrast makes them interesting and creates an visually aesthetic outcomes.

cocktail A3 portrait.jpg

David Hockney Inspired Project

david hockney.jpg

For this new project we had to get into pairs and looked at David Hockney’s style of photo collage to influence our project ideas. The brief stated that we could chose between the word ‘Journey’ or ‘Collaberation’ to do our pieces on, both of these had to include people in them. We started out by taking photos of a journey through eating food and the destruction of it. For example the journey of eating an apple and the way that it gets smaller as you eat it, we also looked at different food such as a wrap, a kit kat etc. We liked this idea although it did not include people, we considered taking photos of people in it eating the food but chose to think of a new idea.

journey photos.jpg

Meg and I chose to think of the journey of travelling, to represent this idea Meg took photos of me driving in different locations and angles showing the scenery changing as well as my body language and the steering wheel. We felt that this would be a good way to create movement in the piece. To achieve these looks we first started layering different aspects of photos on top of each other and adjusting the opacity which creates movement in the piece well. With the original colour scheme the image is quite difficult to see so each layer we changed the colour scheme. I think that this creates depth in the photo and makes it more interesting. We were happy with the image we created but wanted to experiment further into layering the photos and shapes with the same opacity to create a more abstract look. I think that this works well using the coloured rectangles as it is very striking. We tried these shapes layered on top of the background photo and also tried taking the background photo away and replacing with a white background. This also creates an interesting effect because of the use of negative space. Both of these styes are influenced by David Hockney, I like the the use of photography, layering, shapes and colour as it is interesting and visually aesthetic.


The final design that we decided to go for was the below image. I think that this is the strongest image because of the block coloured rectangles, the way that they are layered on top of each other and in different positions which creates an abstract look. The use negative space I think makes the rest of the image stand out more than having the whole image together. I think that you can see a strong link between our designs and David Hockney’s style which I think works well.

final david hockney design.jpg

Finance Images

finance images.jpg

Ray set us another brief to create images for a summer course for 18/19 year olds, I decided to go with a finance course as it is completely different. I experimented with cropping into money, card machine, bank card, calculators, laptops etc. I really liked the colourful aspects of the money and bank card, although I wanted to go with a different way to stylistically group them rather than looking at colour and texture. Therefore I liked the way of taking photo’s of the card machine, calculator and key board all in a similar angles focusing on the buttons of these objects. I like this as I think they are contrasting outcomes to my healthy eating images.

finance 3 images blog.jpg

How constellation can improve me as a designer

The subculture and identity module is something that I have become very interested in. I like the way that we look at different subcultures and start to understand what traditional elements a group of people take from the past and modify to create a certain meaning. ‘Cath’s Columns’ is a method that we have started to use to help describe and analyse an image as well as applying theory. For me this is a very effective technique as I usually feel quite confident about writing about an image but find it very difficult to apply theory, this is a good way to help me remember to research and include theory in my formative essay. I feel that this study group is helping me in Graphic Design because of the way that we have been looking at a range of different subcultures and the different elements that make up a subculture. The re-signification that occurs in all of the case studies has made me understand that as a designer I can look for inspiration from anywhere and take lots of ideas from a variety of areas and put them all together to influence my designs. I also like the way that different subcultures use anti-establishment by breaking the rules to create statements, I can apply this to my practice by looking at understanding traditional rules in design so I am able to try and break these ‘rules’ to create something innovative. This study group has made me think differently about my work, when I have started to design pieces I want my target audience to depict my work so they can try to understand the message I want to communicate. In constellation one thing I find particularly challenging is the reading materials as I find it quite difficult to process sources that I read. The way that Cath puts the material on Moodle prior to the lecture is helpful I am able to read it a few times before so I understand it more in the lecture. I still do not fully understand the reading material after reading it so the way that we summarise and break down the text by discussing it together is a way that I understand it well. Constellation is the area of CSAD that I was most worried about as I don’t think that writing is my strongest skill, although I am enjoying this session and find it very interesting learning about subcultures and styles.

Smash it up – Punk

Style as bricolage is pulling together a style combination of things that belong elsewhere and creating a new meaning. Therefore every case study we have looked at in the study group have used bricolage, the re-signification of styles in different subcultures. Bricolage will always be subversive as it is about breaking rules of different objects, traditions and styles. Punk as a style is based on this as it takes every rule in the book and trashed it, they are anti-establishment by questioning the rules.

Punks would borrow a lot of objects such as cheap trashy fabrics which aren’t considered as good taste, they would chose this ‘tacky’ material deliberately as well as leopard print and clashing colours. They wore fragments of school uniform and ripped it and wrote all over the uniform, this is a symbolic act as it is going against establishment rules again. They would borrow lavatory chains as a necklace to make a statement that it is bad taste and doesn’t go. The punks would use safety pins as jewellery in the mouth, lip, nose and ears, the safety pin is traditionally used to hold items together, they are changing this functions. The ideology of using tampons as earnings is a shocking statement. Jewellery has appeared in all of the subcultures we have looked at so far and the way that all the subcultures change there functions. In 1977 any item of bondage wear and pornographic iconography would be worn deliberately to make statements and stand out. Style as homology has a collective meaning which can show a political statement between a group of people.

From looking at the punks I can see that the jewellery theme is consistent throughout the case studies that we have looked at so far. Also how the use of bricolage is significant throughout, using fusions of objects and the re-signification in there style and the way meanings can be conveyed by fusing traditions and elements of the past. The punks clearly break rules to make shocking and political statements. Their use of anti-establishments can be used in my own work to communicate meanings by breaking the rules. Subcultures suggests the direct correlation between styles, beliefs and traditions within their group and style. Everything has significations that can be conveyed to communicate a meaning. By exploring a range of methods and materials which can be emerged to create an original idea allowing me to break the traditional rules of design and exaggerate an innovative piece.

Healthy Eating Images

Our brief for this image block is to take photographs for a summer course for 18/19 year olds. I have decided to do a healthy eating course so chose to use images of fruit and vegetables and group them stylistically.


I started off by sketching a variety of different fruit and vegetables using water colours and pens. I began to explore the compositions of the shot and how I would crop the fruit to focus on different aspects to make them interesting.

fuit photography blog.jpg

I took a range of different photographs and edited the colours by adjusting the brightness and contrast so they are colourful and look visually appealing. I took the photos on a white background so the fruit was the focal point, I think this makes them stand out well.

3 close up fruit images blog.jpg

I have put an image of the avocado, kiwi and apple together as I think they go well together as a group. The colours and the pips also groups them together well. I have also positioned them in a similar way on the left hand side of the page, this also connects them together. I like the green and brown colour scheme as I think they look organic and natural which represents healthy eating well.

fruit texture images blog.jpg

These are the final three images that I want to use for my healthy eating summer course for 18/19 year olds. I think that these images are grouped stylistically by showing the different textures of fruit. The top left image is a close up of a raspberry, I like the way that the light is shining on the raspberry and the vibrant colour. The top right image is a close up of an avocado, I like the contrast of the smooth bright green flesh inside the avocado, and the dark rough texture on the outside. The bottom image is a close up of a kiwi’s skin, I like the way that the hairs of the kiwi are focused at the edge and fade into a blur, I think this shows an interesting texture. I like how the way that the images are cropped as it doesn’t immediately look like fruit but it is still recognisable.