Term 1 Developments

Going back to the formative feedback that we were given in term 1 subject area I have decided to go through and develop some previous projects. I have first of all worked on one of the image projects that we were given inspired by David Hockney. Ray advised that I change the outer shape from a rectangle to an ellipses shape as this is a more accurate shape of vision.

I have chosen three different style images that I previously designed and changed them to rectangles forming an ellipes shape. The top three images are my previous designs and the bottom three are my developments. I have done this to see which version looks the best. My favourite is the bottom middle design, this is because I think that the negative space works well, I also think that the ellipse shape works much better than rectangular shape. This is because the rectangles are closer together which creates a closer relationship between the shapes to form an interesting image.

The other two designs that I have developed I do not think are as strong. I like the first one as Think that the ellipse shape works well with it, although I prefer the same design with the use of white space as I think it creates movement within the piece. The third design is my least favourite as this is the most difficult to see because of the change in opacity with the negative space.

david hockney developments .jpg

The second project that I have began to develop was the type specimen piece. The middle black on white design was my previous piece. David suggested to improve this design I could try exploring with grey scale. In the first term I did explore using different shades of grey instead of the black on white, although I did not think that this was visually as strong.

I thought that having the piece inverted would look visually stronger and would work well with the typeface as it is a strong bold font. I think that this is a more powerful piece but wanted to take this further by experimenting with greyscale within the inverted piece. The design on the right hand is my favourite. The different shades of grey works well with the hierarchy of the piece and has become a more striking piece of design. I am glad that I have had the chance to develop on some previous pieces of design work as I think that these have improved them.

type specimen developments.jpg



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