3rd Year Degree Show

Attending the 3rd Year Degree Show allowed me to see the importance of presenting your work in an exhibition. It also gave me the opportunity to see the standard of work expected to create at this level. I was very impressed with all of the work created and below are a few of my favourite pieces.

degree show.jpg

This piece of work was my favourite in the exhibition as it instantly caught my eye because of the scale of the piece. I think that the typography is very strong throughout the project and I also like the consistency of the colour scheme. One key factor which in my opinion made this so successful is the interactive nature of the piece. This made me stop and get involved rather that just walking past and forgetting about it.

FullSizeRender 42.jpg

Out of the whole exhibition I think that this is the most interesting project due to the quirky nature of the piece. I like the imagery, as I think that they are visually very strong photographs. I like the vibrant and exciting colour scheme as I think that it enhances the quirkiness of the work. The use of pattern also works well with this piece as it connotes the fun nature of the project.

degree show 2.jpg

The third project which caught my eye I thought had a very strong body of work. I like the way that the piece has been displayed. This pink shelves anchor the pink within the design work. I like the range of different outcomes yet they are consistent throughout. My favourite part of this piece was the magazine. I think that this clearly shows the level of detail and standard of work within the degree show.


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