Changing Faces Formative Feedback

I was happy with my Formative Feedback as I didn’t have that many alterations to make to my final piece. David commented that the pace was good throughout although there isn’t much ‘downtime’ visually. He suggested to try and explore scale further within the design of the middle spread. Below are some experiments that I have tried to explore the pace and scale further. However I do not think that these designs are as balanced as the previous design. I am glad that I have tried them as I’m able to see how this design could be developed. Although, by increasing the scale of the images it fills up more of the negative which was an aspect that I liked on my previous design.

middle page experiments.jpg

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 11.29.11.pngSome other improvements to be made to my piece were to increase the size of the inside margins. I originally had 12mm margins so I increased the inside margin by 2mm to allow extra room for binding the spreads. Some other adjustments to make before print were to change my images from PDF to JPEG. Beneath are the final editorial designs with the adjustments made before printing. I am happy with the visuals and how their is consistency throughout the design.

final piece screen shots.jpg


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