Formative Feedback Presentation

IMG_5782.JPGTo show the group where we are at with our project so far we each presented our editorial spreads for further feedback. We were given a person to note down the feedback, Ellie was taking notes for me with aspects of my design which the group and David liked and also thought I could improve on. I thought this was helpful as I was stuck in a position where I couldn’t chose between colours for my editorial design. The three spreads which I showed were the unedited colours of the brown sugar on a white background, and the spread where the first cover is inverted and the other two are in black and white.

The group agreed that all three spreads inverted would look too heavy and the images in black on white don’t look as striking. They pointed out that the images were stronger in the brown colour so I should stick with that colour scheme as the images look almost 3d with the depth in colour. Because of this they advised that I tried the middle spread inverted but using brown instead of black as it would tie in with the imagery more. I have tried this although I still do not think that the images look as striking inverted.

formative feedback 2 spreads.jpg         brown inverted screen shot.jpg

Therefore I have decided to keep all three spreads with a white background and brown images. I think that the imagery within the spread looks more striking throughout and keeps consistency. Another think which David pointed out was whether I have tried the pull outs in brown, I have not tried this yet, I have kept all font black. So I have started to experiment with turning areas of the text brown to tie in with the colour scheme of the images and created depth within the piece. I have found that by using the same colour brown as the brown in the images it just looks black when it is printed. Because of this I have started to try using a lighter brown as there is more of a contrast. This shows the importance of printing throughout developing your designs as colours on screen can look so different to when printed.

brown test screenshots

The colour that I have decided to go with is a lighter dark brown as it ties in well with the rest of the colours in the images. I found that the lightest shades of brown made it more obvious of the choice of a brown colour scheme. Although I like that the darker shades of brown was more subtle, as there is still a contrast between the black body copy and brown heading but not a huge difference.

final piece before print.jpg



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