Editorial Feedback

I was able to have a tutorial with David about my project so far which was very helpful. We have yet had a tutorial with David so was worrying that my idea’s and editorial project so far may not have been as strong as I would like. Although from this session I feel very happy with the feedback and more confident within my own work as I only have small changes left to do to my editorial spreads.

formative feedback screenshots.jpg

I have used a 9pt for the body text which once printed was legible and easy to read, although the leading of 10.8pt felt slightly too tight. Therefore I increased this up to 11pt which has given the line spacing more room to slows down the pace of the text as there is a very large word count. I have decreased the leading in the titles to make them tighter together and more compact creating a sugar cube effect, this also makes them stand out more as there is less negative space within the words.

For the callouts I have taken away the quotation marks as they looked a bit odd and have changed the weight to italic. By doing this it has the same effect as the quotation marks but looks visually more appealing. I have a 9 column grid system which I think works well with the line length of the body text. Because of this grid system I have tried pulling out some of the callouts across a column try and balance the piece of more. Although I could only do this on the first column of writing because of the negative space but was unable to do this on the seconds column as the body texts were too tight together. I decided to keep the callouts within the grid system as I like the structure and balance of the piece how it is.

David pointed out how he didn’t think that the two images on the second double page spread were as strong as the rest of the image that I have used. This was because they were within a rectangular box and the rest were dispersing into the piece. The bottom image on the second page spread I have put back into Photoshop and added longer pieces onto the shards of sugar so it is breaking out of the frame. I think that this is more expressive as fits with the style of the rest of the images. I was finding it hard to do this with the top image as I had cropped into the image so much so decided to use a different image of smashed glass. I have moved the title down so it is inline with the body text, this allowed me to copy and pace the smashed glass across the two pages which I think connects the spread as one and has consistency through the three spreads.

I like the original colour of the sugar with a brown colour scheme, I think this is interested to see that this is the colour that sugar has gone once cooked. I have only enhanced the brightness and contrast and not the colour balance which I like as it shows the different shades of brown. When showing David my colour experiments he agreed that the brightly coloured experiments doesn’t communicate sugar in the right way that I want. He really liked the inverted test that I did so I have tried doing this with all three spreads. I do like these as I think that they are striking but I think that by having all three  spreads inverted is too heavy. I thought about having the first spread inverted and the rest in the natural colours although I’m not sure whether these work as a set. Therefore I have tried it in black and white to work with the inverted spread. I think that these work better together but do not think that the black and white is as striking as the brown. I will take these different colour spreads to the presentation to see which my group prefer.

4 test spreads for formative feedback.jpg


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