Colour Experiments

To experiment further with my editorial design I have tried to explore colour. I have worked with the first double page spray to see how well that works before trying to rest of the editorial design. I like the different colours that I have tried with the white background although I think that they look too pretty and visually appealing. Therefore I do not think that this works well with the context of the article that I want to communicate, as I want the audience to view sugar in a negative way. Because of this I like the original colour of the images as I think it enhances how the structure of sugar can change as it is heated up. I also like the black and white experiment and the inverted design, these look dark and communicate sugar negatively. I think that the inverted white on black design also looks like drugs, this could be an interesting angle to look at as there is some research that shows that sugar can be just as addictive as drugs.

colour experiment screen shots.jpg


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