Group Tutorials

IMG_5498Today we had a group tutorial assessing each others work which I found very useful! This allowed us not only to have feedback from our peers about our own work but also critique others work to look out for a range of different elements that are important in this editorial project. This has helped me to spot these aspects in my own editorial designs. From my group I had a list of very positive feedback which I was very happy with. They liked my overall concept and thought that I was communicating the context well as from the images they understood that sugar was the bad thing for you.

They advised me to change small things to my piece which I didn’t notice, this was very helpful hearing an outside perspective. As I was focusing more on the over all design rather than the type detailing at this stage there was a lot that I hadn’t paid much attention to. Some titles were in lower case and others were in upper case, as a group we decided that the upper case looked more effective. They also pointed out that because of the different point sized words in the titles to leading was off, I altered this manually so it looks more aesthetically pleasing. On the first page I have changed the weights of the titles, the heading in bold and the sub heading in regular, I think this works better with the hierarchy of the spread.

When I printed the spread off the stand firsts point size looked fine although I did not like that one paragraph was longer and one was shorter. Therefore I have changed it to 9pt which is the same point size as the rest of the text but is in a bold to show a difference between the stand first and the rest of the body text. My group felt like the stand first was too close to the top so I have moved it down so it is inline with the heading which I think works well. I have placed the subheading next to the stand first as it is the same length which I like the look of, but it also gives the heading more negative space around it which make it stand out more.

My group liked how the dripping sugar went is positioned over both pages as it ties them in together and they thought that this could be experimented further with the spaced sugar. Therefore I have added more single pieces of smashed sugar across the pages to create a stronger relationship between the double page spread.

double page spread 1 screen shots.jpg

From editing my first double page spread I then went on to editing my second and third spreads. I changed the leading of the headings which I think has improved them a lot and made sure that all of them are in upper case. I have kept the point size 9 as I think when printed this worked really well. I have gone through the body text to improve the rag and em & en dashes to help the pace of the article.

Regarding the images, my group said that as all of the images I have included go off the edge of the page, on the second spread they are both within the margins. I did this deliberately because of the layout design, although I have tried enlarging both of the images so they go off the page and I think this works well. When I printed all of my spreads the quality of the images were very clear which I was happy with. Although the last double page spread the sugar dripping down the page was quite pixelated. I have copied and pasted all of the images from photoshop into indesign so thought that maybe this is why the images may be pixelated. Therefore I have tried placing all of the pdf file images into the in design document and will try printing these out and see if the quality of the images improves.

screen shot double page spread 2 & 3.jpg


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