Editorial Images

IMG_5475.JPGI started to brainstorm idea’s for the images that I will include in the editorial project. I started to consider different media that I would use and how I would communicate the context of the article best. Whilst I was considering illustrations and creating textures with fat, sugar and ink I felt that most of my idea’s were drawn to photography. Therefore I knew this would be the technique that I wanted to explore fufuit-photography-blogrther.

For the image project with Ray earlier on this year I took photo’s of different fruits and looked at the textures. Initially I wanted to use some of these photo’s that I had taken for this project and develop them further as I think some of the images were very strong. This would be looking at good fats as well as bad fats. Although after some thought I decided that I would like to take new photo’s to see what else I can create and these could always be a backup.

type in sugar .jpg

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 15.03.43.pngI then decided that I wanted to use the title of the article within my image by writing into sugar. By doing this it is not telling the audience the answer yet having the Is fat killing you, or is sugar? written within sugar suggests to the audience that sugar is the culprit. This is also done by that way that I have pulled out quotes from the article such as “Fat has been making a comeback” & “Stop treating fat like a viscous enemy!”. This shows fat in a positive way which is an element that I want to portray.

I think that these are striking images by the way that I have put sugar on a piece of slate as it shows a strong contrast of colour. I have created a consistency in colour and contrast by using a dark grey background with white writing on the opposite page which I like. There is a clear hierarchy within this spread as the image/title is the most striking part of the spread. The subtitle is in a bold slab serif font which makes it stand out well. The angle of the photograph leads your eye into the spread and onto the next page which helps the pace of the article. I do really like this image, although I think that it is very explicit and I haven’t pushed any boundaries therefore wanted to experiment with more image ideas.

sugar cooking images.jpg

Looking at my previous image idea’s I likes the way of looking at the textures of good sugars and fats, and I also liked the way I have written into sugar, so what to combine these ideas. Within the article there is a lot more information about fats whether it is good or bad fats and a much smaller section regarding sugar. Because of this I want to have images of sugar suggesting that sugar is the one that is killing us and highlight the good things that fat does to our body within the type.

I have cooked sugar to look at how the structure, colour and texture changes as you heat it up. At first it has white crystal grains of sugar and as it is heated up it turns black and hard which is less attractive. Therefore I want to use the images of the sugar turning black as it shows more of a negative effect which sugar has on your body.

sugar photography experiments.jpg

Above are few experiments that I have tried with the sugar photography. I really like these and are my favourite images that I have tried as they are striking and like the high contrast. These images are all implicit which I think works well as it is not obvious what they are straight away. I haven’t paid much attention to the type detailing as I was focusing on more how the images would look. I like the consistent colour throughout but think that the different layouts look interesting. I will experiment further with these images and layouts to see how the type will work within them.


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