Editorial Developments

spread 1 screenshots.jpg

I have used the typeface ‘Rockwell’ as I like the slab serif font which works well for the title. I have experimented with the layout of the type and how well it works with the images. I like how the type sits within the images and the way that the two separate images slightly overlap onto both pages as it creates a relationship between the double page spread.

spread 2 screenshots 1.jpg

I originally wanted to have a large image one side of the spread and the type on the opposite page. Although I found that there was too much writing on the one page and the image wasn’t strong enough to use on its own. I like the image chosen as I think that the texture of the bubbling sugar is interesting although compared to the first double page spread it is too dark and heavy.

spread 2 screenshot 2.jpg

I then decided to work with a different image which wasn’t as dark to tie in with the other images. Although I was still finding this difficult to work with as I didn’t like the layout designs I was creating. Therefore, I decided to change the grid system from a 7 column grid to a 9 which I found worked a lot better. Because of the large amounts of text that my article had I decided to include another image to work with the negative space on my double page spread.

Another way that I wanted to use some of the negative space is to experiment with type as I don’t think my first double page spread had much experimentations. I used the typeface Gill Sans as it is a sans serif font which works well with a large amount of text due to it’s legibility. It also has a range of different weights so decided to experiment using it for the large texts rather than Rockwell. The reasons for this is that I think Rockwell works well on it’s own without any experimentation with the type. I have adjusting the kerning, tracking and point size etc working within the columns. I like this as I think that it works well with hierarchy and the use of negative space.

spread 3 screen shots.jpg

From my developments I have decided that I am happy with the 9 column grid system, using the range of weights and the rectangular typography layout using Gill Sans. Therefore I want to apply these elements to my other double page spreads. The above images are my favourite double page spreads as I really like the image of the burnt sugar dripping. Although this image I found the most restrictive with my layout design as I wanted to stay within the grids system to keep a consistency throughout my spreads as well as keeping the text within the sugar drips.

spread 1 screen shot 2.jpg

I decided to go back to my first double page spread to develop the design further which is influenced by my other two double page spreads. By doing this there is a consistency through the three spreads which I like. I am happy with the stage that I am at as I think that the images are interesting and work with with the type so far. Although I think that I need to experiment further and pay more attention to the type detailing.

3 spreads design.jpg


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