Image Workshop

Image workshop.jpgMyself, Lily and Megan went in a group and were given an article ‘Fine firms for sexist dress rules, say mps’. The article was about how women were discriminated by what they wore and how they looked at work. One woman in the article was sent home from work without pay as she wasn’t wearing any high heels. The article wants to try and stop discrimination against women which I agree with.

The image that we have created challenges the article as it shows a stereotypical woman’s heels. I think that this explictly communicates the subject matter although there is an implicit element of it by the way we have included the type with the image. The way that we have put the type going up her legs suggests the line on the back of stockings which has connotations of sexiness and lingerie, the colour scheme we have chosen also has the same conotations. This draws your eye up through the piece as the shape of the heel elongates her legs. We have chosen a script typeface as is it looks feminine, although if we were to do this again I think that we would have to experiment further with the font choice as this is quite difficult to read. The text that we have included in the piece is the title and also a question which we responded from the content of the article How high do we have to go to ban sexist rules at work? I think that this works well with the article as a question engages the audience. I think that this image is very strong and would be interesting to see how it would work in an editorial design.


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