Editorial Design Workshop

Myself, Megan and Lily were given the topic of The UK Eurovision Song Contest so we began by researching this topic on google and it came up with lots of information on the 2017 UK contestant Lucie Jones. Our first idea was to create an article communicating Lucie Jones as a contestant although we found that it was looking to reserved for the Eurovision subject matter

Therefore we began to think of what all of our opinions on The Eurovision Song Contest were. We agreed that it was cheesy, cringe worthy and over the top so wanted to communicate this within our editorial design. We gathered images offline of contestant from the Eurovision which shows how over the top it was. I think that these images capture the large target audience from age, sexuality and geographical location. I think that the way that we have chosen images with no consistent colour scheme suggests the random nature of the subject matter. Although within the brief it required that we printed black and white on coloured card. You wouldn’t be able to see these vibrant colours which added to the over the top nature of the contest so decided to print on bright orange card. The reasons for this was because it was the brightest colour out of the choice of card.

In my opinion if the Eurovision was a type face it would be Comic Sans. This is a very child like font which has awful kerning and has no sophistication. It is probably known as one of the worst fonts created. However, I think that it works very well within this editorial design due to how cheesy the Eurovision is. You can see a clear hierarchy by the way we have used a regular and bold font, as well as the different point sizes. We have included one call out although I think that this design would be improved if we experimented further with the call outs by being more ambitious with scale.IMG_5293.JPG


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