Type Detailing

This project will provide us to be able to include a range of different skills that we have learnt over the past. One very important aspect of this editorial project is the type detailing as well as the hierarchy, layout design etc. We had a recap workshop on different elements of type detailing to consider when designing our own editorial spread.GREAT EXPECTATION

Lily and I got into a pair and given a word document of the Great Expectations text. We started by creating a 6 column document as we thought that this would work well with the amount of text that we were given.

I think that we have shown a good level of hierarchy by the way use of the different font weights.The way that we have rotates the heading and subheading on it’s side highlights an element of play in the design. Although I d not think we need the repetition of Great Expectations in the sub heading as it is clear enough in the heading. The bold stand first shows a clear into auction and separates it from the rest of the body text. I like the way that we have included a hanging indentation in the stand first as it works well underneath the ‘chapter 1’ as it is in a slightly larger point size.

Within the body text we have included some Em dashes which I think work well as they help the pace of the article run smoothly. We have used flush right type as I think that this works well with body text. This was a very quick exercise so was difficult to create perfect type detailing. I do not think that we have consistent rag throughout the body text as we didn’t have enough time to alter it as much as I would have liked to. If we had more time I would have liked to experiment with different point sizes and columns. I think that a 7 columns may have worked better and improved the rag due to our layout design.

The Great Expectation that we had been given is a text which is graphically used to explore the relationship between typography, layout and pace. This shows how the same piece of text can be interpreted in different but communicate to an audience differently with the use of negative space and type detailing. I enjoyed this workshop as I think that a recap was useful on type detailing and it shows how much you can get done in a short amount of time.

great expectation examples.jpg


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