Editorial Research & Project Aims

research healthy editorial layouts.jpg

I have gathered a range of different existing editorial designs which would likely be seen in health & fitness magazines. I have looked at editorial designs of this subject matter as I think that the Is fat killing you, or is it sugar? article would work well in this context. There are two aspects that have really stuck out to me in each one of these articles that I would like to take away and help influence my design. I like the strong use of photography within each of these designs. Whether they have cropped into images or captured the whole scene/object, they are all visually strong. They have enhanced the brightness and contrast to make the images more striking. Another element which is very clear in each design is the use of white and negative space. I think that this style creates a clean and refreshing look. These are two aspects which you expect health and fitness magazines to connote. The white backgrounds and strong use of negative space is a look that I want to create when designing my editorial design along with the striking photography as I think this would work well with the context of my article.


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