Is Fat Killing You, Or Is Sugar?

The article that I have chosen was one of the longest and had quite a sophisticated language. To understand the content more I read through it a couple of times and began to deconstruct it into sections annotating it as I went through. I found that this was very useful as I was able to understand the content more. This is important when approaching this project as this will determine the angle that I decide to take and will help influence my design.

Within the text I think that it mainly focuses on fad dieting and how with new research people are keen to try the diets without knowing the dietary science behind them. One thing that stuck out to me is that there wasn’t a clear point of view on whether the writer thought fat or sugar is bad for you. There are a handful of different sources which show positive and negatives for both fat and sugar.

article annotations.jpg

I think that within the text it pays more attention to the science behind fat and how it was seen as bad and in recent years they have discovered that there are good and bad fats. Therefore from reading this I have decided to highlight that there are good fats as well as bad. I think that communicating a certain message whilst having a question such as ‘is fat killing you, or is sugar?’ is not forcing the audience into the answer, yet it is persuading them into thinking that fat is better for you than sugar.

I decided to go through the article and pick out phrases which stand out to me throughout the article. I have done they could be potential phrases that I could create quotes out of. By pulling out quotes in the article can help to set the tone in the article to make the audience intrigued. I think that this article would work well in a health magazine as people with an interest in health and fitness are usually interested in new scientific dietary studies.

article quotations.jpg



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