Editorial Design Research

The first double page spread that I have decided to look at is a simplistic design which shows a good relationship between image and type. The positioning and angle of the boat draws your eyes away from the image and on to the text. There is little contrast between the image background colour and the white font which looks visually aesthetic.  There is a clear hierarchy, even though the white font is very subtle, the large point size and condensed font stands out well which is the most dominant piece of text in the piece.

on the fast track editorial design research
Avaunt Magazine, Issue 2


I really like the way that the images have been grouped in this design depending on the  colour scheme. This creates consistency throughout the images and groups them as a set. The colour swatches in the top left hand side highlights the limited colour palette.

colour pallete changing faces editrial research.jpg
Less is More

I think that this double page spread has a strong use of image with the layout and context. I like the way that they have used two contrasting images with little relationship to each other have been placed together. The close up of the watch face and the long shot  of the junction go together well because of the shape of the two images. I like the way that this manipulation of two images pushes the boundaries and creates something visually excited.

waatcch into roundabout changing faces editorial design rresearch
Avaunt Magazine, Issue 2

The way that the circular shape on the left hand side has been mirrored and cut away from the text creates consistency throughout the spread. The negative space on the left page is very effective as the black circle stand out well. The italic font and larger point size on the right page shows a clear separation to the rest of the text. The justified text makes the circular shape stand out more as the edge of the text shows a crisper edge.

circular type face editorial design research.jpg
Plastique Magazine, Issue 2

I like this editorial design as I think that the correlation between the image, shapes, colours and text works well with each other. The rectangular yellow box with the text in it anchors the rectangular shapes in the image. I think that this works well as it combines the image with text. The colour of the yellow box is also anchored with the title ‘Mexican lights’ title. The title is placed behind the body text although it is in capital letters and a large point size so still shows a clear hierarchy the title is eye catching.

Mexican lights editorial design research


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