Design as Activism Final Animation & Ephemera

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 09.56.36

These are the final outcomes that our group has created for the Design as Activism project, encouraging children to speak out about child abuse. I think that this project has been quite challenging because of the difficult topic that we chose to work with. Although I think that as a group we approached the project well through our level of research and brainstorming ideas. We all did our own individual research and then bought it together to start to share ideas. I think that the dynamic of the group worked better at the beginning of the project as we were all having a equal amount of input to the idea’s for the animation. Although as the project went along some members of the group did not have as much input as others which meant that some of us had to do a lot more work.

Throughout the project I think that myself and Lily worked very well together. The two of us were in the studio sharing ideas and spending a lot of time working on the animation. I really enjoyed working with animation! Once I got the hang of AfterEffects I felt confident using it and found it very rewarding. The AfterEffects workshops with Matt was very helpful in learning the basics, the rest of the skills gained in this project were self taught by looking at YouTube tutorials.

Not only was this project good for learning the basics of animation, but also the way in which we approach current issues and how we communicate these problems and solutions. I enjoyed working in a group as we were able to share ideas to create more interesting pieces of work. Although I did find it very difficult when people did not turn up, do the work or hard to get hold of. But I think that this was good to do because when we are working, it will be very rare to working individually.

I’m really pleased with the over all outcome of the animation as I think that it creates a very powerful message. I think the way in which we have used a child’s voice over for the expressive type engages the audience more as it reinforces the current issue of child abuse. Also by having a separate voice over as the narrator shows a contrast in a child emotions toward child abuse and the facts of the issue. Although I have used my voice as the voice over which I do not think works that well as it sounds slightly robotic and doesn’t flow well. If we were to do this again and had more time I would record someone with a more natural voice.

I think the visual metaphor works well when working on such a sensitive topic. To create consistency throughout the animation, having a repetition of the teddy bear does this well, as the illustration of the teddy bear at the start is very different to all of the expressive type. By taking away the writing of the facts and replacing it with the teddy’s definitely visualises the audio facts. This works better as children will engage with images more than 60 seconds of lots of type.

When I added the sound effects to the animation it definitely think that made the piece a lot more engaging. The underlying background music created a dark and un-easy vibe paired with the script and sound effects to reinforce child abuse. When this background music changed to a more uplifting sound showed a change in narrative. This shows that Barnardo’s is the solution to the problem and they are there for help and support.

I am glad that we chose to do a campaign for Barnardo’s as most of our research material was for the NSPC. We found that when you think about child abuse the most well known charity is for the NSPCC. Therefore by doing it for another charity creates more awareness and another place children can speak up about this issue. The facts that we included in the animation were all found online from websites such as the NSPCC website which we found whilst doing our research. By using quotes from victims shows the reality of child abuse reinforcing the current issue.

The digital ephemera showing how our campaign would look on the the Barnardo’s website is good as it shows the consistency in our pieces and the Barnardo’s brand style. This is linked to the printed ephemera because of how we have included the QR code on the posters. This engages the target audience as when children see the poster they can scan the code which will taken them to the website so they can find out more information on the issue or a helpline. This creates an interactive campaign which is important in encouraging children to speak out about child abuse.

By using the same colour scheme and visual material from the animation shows consistency throughout the campaign. This is so if the target audience watch the animation and see the posters they will be able to recognise the campaign. The black background shows a strong contrast which makes the writing stand out well. But also ties in with the beginning of the animation and the way that the shadow of the abusers hands cover the screen, transitioning into the expressive type.

In conclusion I think that this project has been successful, it communicates a strong message. I think that the expressive type along with the children voice over reinforces the child abuse issue. And the way that we have used Sherlocks illustrations throughout creates consistency. I think that we worked well as a group although if we were to do it again I feel like we would have to allocate more specific roles as I felt that me and Lily did most of the contributing to the group project. It would have been more successful if all team members contributed equally and were easier to get in contact with, although this is an element out of my control. But other than that I am very happy with the final outcome of this project.


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