Ephemera Developments

Once we were finished with the final animation we began to think about the printed and digital ephemera to go along side the animation. We wanted to use some of the existing material that we had in the animation to create consistency throughout the campaign.

This is an example of one of Alfie’s three posters that he designed. We both used illustrations and fonts that we included within the animation which works well as it has consistency. We all wanted to used Alfie’s ephemera as we weren’t able to use any of his sections within the final animation. This was because when we put the animation together it did not have consistency so we condensed the sections to make it flow better. I created a series of sticker design which includes a QR code to the Barnardo’s website. I did this as it is interactive so children would be able to scan the code to get help and information on the website encouraging them to speak out. I have experimented with the expressive type as it is striking and looks aesthetic. We showed the two designs to David and he recommended that we try to merge the two designs to create a stronger piece of printed ephemera.

poster variations ephemera.jpg

Final Ephemera

As a group we began to experiment by combining idea’s developing on previous ephemera designs. Keeping to the colour scheme of Barnardo’s brand style reinforced the element that we have created a campaign for Barnardo’s charity. We decided that Alfie’s design was too explicit and had too much information on it which could be condensed in contrast to my sticker designs which did not have enough context on it.


Linking to the printed ephemera posters – Lily started to design some digital ephemera. This is connected to the posters by QR code included. I think that Lily’s website page shows how our campaign would look on the Barnardo’s existing website. I really like they way that she has done this as our campaign fits in really well with the Barnardo’s brand style and looks very professional.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 09.56.36.png


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