Man Town Human

Over view of Neo-Futrist Architecture 

  • Marinetti wrote the first futurist manifesto, he wad the first starting point of artists producing manifestos. He wanted to turn away from being influenced by the past and we should be designing only for the present day.
  • Sant’Elia was an architect who supported the futurist manifesto and he then went onto creating his own futurist manifesto on architecture which was idealistic and theoretical. There was no concept of environmental or sustainability within these futurist designs.
  • Le Corbusier created a manifesto which he said very similar things to Marinetti and Sant’ Elia concepts. He believed that the way in which we live in a modern world should come across in our designs but in contrast to Sant’Elia, he understood that he was designing for people. He visioned beautiful sky scrappers using glass and concrete, although as cities began to build these this wasn’t the case, cities became ugly concrete jungles. We looked at Archigram and constructivism in Russia which was a very short movement.
  • We looked at post-modernism and how science would give us all the answer, although this isn’t always correct.
  • Vito Debarries neo-futurist manifesto is quite superficial, he looks at technology and ethical values come to form a vision. He paints a picture of an idealistic world although he gives no solutions.
  • Bio-mimicry is how we can learn from nature and how it can influence the way in which we design for both form and function within all area’s of art and design.
  • Buildings have the power to create emotions for people whether it makes them feel positive or scared.


Is a manifesto which was produced around 2013 which offers a different perspective. A manifesto towards a new humanism in architecture. This is predominantly linked towards urban architecture. Humanism can mean two different things, one is how it is focused on human beings and the other is based upon atheism and how how it focuses on human beings rather than a god. The Man Town Human artists who wrote the manifesto have a strong view on how they are concerned that people are too worried about the planet rather than the humans themselves. The argument is that there are millions of people starving around the world and we have the technology to genetically modify food although environmentalists are worried about the crops and nature. This reinforces the argument on whether humans or the planet are more important.


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