Animation Progress

From the feedback we got from the presentation we decided to keep Lily’s bubble scene Design as Activism – Lily Bubble the same as before, as we felt this was visually very strong. I then edited my animation’s to have the same font as Lily’s to create consistency through the animation; Design as Activism – Izzy Writing to HeartDesign as Activism – Izzy EmbarrassedDesign as Activism – Izzy Embarrassed. I think that by keeping the same font it definitely ties together the expressive typography scenes, even though they all have different styles, transitions and colours.

When Lily and I were happy with the expressive type already designed we decided to create a scene together Design as Activism – Izzy & Lily Dirty. We used the same transition to begin the frame as I did with the end of the ’embarrassed’ frame. This made the two animations move smoothly on from one another. I really like this section of the animation and the way that the word ‘dirty’ melts, as it expresses the word well.

Lily & I began to work on two scene’s that would be put together Design as Activism – Lily Alone & Design as Activism – Izzy Speak Out. Even though we created these individually, we worked together on them sharing idea’s and helping one and other with the after effects transitions. The animation is a campaign to help victims of child abuse come forward to Barnardo’s for help. We both decided that it would be a good idea to have the background fade into the same colour green that Barnardo’s use in their branding. This suggests a turning point in the narrative as this is the solution to the problem and how Barnardo’s can help.

We kept Sherlocks Design as Activism – Sherlock Eyes scene the same as we thought that the illustrative style and type worked really well together. He is also still working on the teddy scenes to begin the animation, I suggested to try the teddy in a brown colour rather than blue so it is more gender neutral to appeal to a wider audience. His development of the teddy scene is looking really good on what I have seen so far.

Alfie sent through the facts that he has been working Design as Activism – Alfie 90% FactsDesign as Activism – Alfie 1 in 3 FactsDesign as Activism – Alfie 8 Children. He changed the font which I much prefer as the sans serif font is not as condensed as the previous font he used so it’s easier to read which is essential as the type is not on the screen for long. He also changed the transitions so the text came in together rather than from different sides and meets in the middle which look more visually aesthetic. Although when I was putting the animation together the facts were very difficult to read as they came in left to right so I edited them to come in right from left to make the animation flow better and easier to read.

I offered to put the existing animations that we already have together so we can see how long the animation is so far. The first animation that I created Design as Activism – Izzy Individual Animations had the original individual scenes in and was working on the transitions. Although the animation didn’t flow as well as I wanted it to. Therefore I began to edit the scenes slightly and add sound to make the animation come together. The sounds that I have included was downloaded from freeSFX and SoundBible, I think that the added sound effects bring the piece together as one and engages the audience. I have included a voice over of myself reading the text, this is because it is targeted at children so with a voice over it makes it easier to communicate with them as they may not read as fast as the text on the screen. I am happy with the animation that we have created so far Design as Activism – Izzy Animation with Sound as I think that narrative is very powerful. Although I am slightly worried as we have not yet included the beginning and the end of the animation and it is already over 60 seconds. We will add the beginning and end to see the over all time of the animation so we can decide whether any more needs to be edited out or find out whether we can make our animation slightly longer than the required time in the brief.


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