Design As Activism Presentation

Lily put together the presentation with a small amount of research that we gathered and a few of the animations that we had created so far. The presentation was interesting to see what everyone else was doing and also the stages which we were all at. I am very happy with the stage that my group is at as we were one of the groups with the most animation created.

Sherlock’s Animations

Sherlock decided that he wanted to work on the imagery rather than the typography. Therefore myself, Lily and Sherlock all agreed that Sherlock would be best doing all of the imagery throughout so there is a consistency in style. We had some really positive feedback about Sherlocks illustration, we showed both the teddy animation to show the visual metaphor as well as the animation of just the eyes. We did this because we have been having difficulties deciding whether to stick with the teddy as a visual metaphor as that would target more of a younger target audience which wouldn’t work very well with the type. Or just do the eyes sos their it is not as explicit and would appeal to an older audience. Although we had good feedback on the teddy as they liked the visual metaphor. The group also all agreed that they did not think that the teddy would limit up on our target audience as it suggests the child abuse rather than just targeting very young children. Therefore Sherlock is going to carry on experimenting with the teddy. Sherlock also designed the animation with the eyes to carry on the consistency with the style. These will also have text within the eyes which I think will work really well.

Design as Activism – Teddy

Design as Activism – Bed

Design as Activism – Eyes

Lily’s Animation

I really like Lily’s animation I think that it really visualises how when you’re being abused it feels like your in a bubble. This is a quote that we have found from a real life story on their experience of being sexually abused. The colour and font works well with visualising a bubble and I like the way that it pops, I think that this will be even strong when the sound effect of a bubble popping is added.

Design as Activism – Bubble

My Animations

I had some really positive feedback on my animations so far which I am happy with. Although due to the number of different types within our animation it was lacking on consistency. Therefore I am going to change all of my animations so the font is the same as Lily’s font in the bubble animation which is the font ‘bubblegum’. I am really enjoying using aftereffects. I am looking forward to experimenting further with my existing and new animations and adding sound effects to make the animation more interesting.

Design as Activism – Love heart

Design as Activism – Embarrassed

Design as Activism – Crime

Alfie’s Animations

Alfie has started to work on the facts in the animation. We all decided that the text should be a white font on a black background and I think that this works well. Although the transition is slightly too slow so I think that he is going to speed it up a bit and will all pan in left to right rather than opposite ways as we think that this will look more visually aesthetic. Also so the font is more consistent with the expressive type Alfie is going to try using the font ‘Objektiv’ which is a sans serif font. From further feedback we have had, the ‘speak out’ animation is very different to the rest of the animation because of the colour scheme and style. Therefore we might experiment with a more consistent style.

Design as Activism – fact

Design as Activism – speak out



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