Identifying Our Target audience

Our target audience for the child abuse animation began to be aimed at all ages of children. We think that the teddy is a good visual metaphor to help represent a child getting abused which isn’t as literal. Although this visual metaphor could be seen as targeting a younger child. The expressive type would not work as well for a very young child as at a younger age they may not be able to read. Healthy children website shows that most children aged 6 or 7 years of age are able to read. Therefore we have decided to aim our campaign at older children aged 7-16 as the expressive type would communicate a stronger message to them rather than your children. This may mean that we would have to get rid of the teddy as it is aimed at a younger target audience. Sherlock is working on the animation clips including the teddy so he will begin to experiment with using the visual metaphor and without to see what works best. An article by the BBC about child abuse has a section about older children being sexual abuse which says “If they feel they’re likely to be punished or ashamed, they’re less likely to come and talk about it.” This is highlighting that it is still just as bad when an older child gets abused in contrast to a young child.


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