Oscar Niermeyer was a Brazilian architect. He was the person responsible for building Brasilia Congress Nacional, Palacio da Alvorada Exterior and Cathedral & the bell town etc. He was also keen on designing furniture which is similar to Cabousier.

Biomimicry – the limitation of natural biological designs or process in engineering or invention.

Biomorphic architecture is the design of building which resembles large natural organism.

Things Which Nature Did First

  • The invention of the wheel – “nature never invented the wheel” this is not strictly true. By looking at the flagellated bacteria and the way that it moves has a similar mechanism in which it rotates which is translated into a wheel.
  • A Lattice Girder – this is the section of the wing bone of a bird. Which has got to be rigid, strong and light which are all components of the architectural design.
  • The screw thread – Weevil has a hard shell but its legs are vulnerable. When it is threatened by a predator it has an ability to tuck its legs under the shell. It is able to do this because of the structure of its leg which has a rotating spiral ridge which is the same to the screw thread surface.

Things Which we Have Invented By Looking At Nature

  • Greater Burdock Plant – This inspires velcro which was created by a man from Switzerland. He notices that the plant was all over his dog. This influenced the way that velcro is able to be fastened.
  • Gecko – The fibres in there hands allow them to react with the surfaces which gives it the ability to stick to things. We have done to same by using nano technology for humans to be able to walk up buildings.
  • Namibian Fog Basking Beetle – the moisture of the air condenses on the body of the beetle and drops down it’s body so the beetle is able to drink the water. This is being done in architecture to have sloping buildings to catch water.
  • Shark – Looking at shark skin helps to control bacterial infections whiteout using drugs because of the texture of their skin. Sharks seem to have far fewer bacteria growing on them in comparison to other fish.
  • Termite mound – the structure that they build ventilates air into their mound. The Eastgate Centre has designed a building inspired by the termite mound to help regulate heat.
  • Humpback Whale – The edge of a fin has a bobble shape on the edge as it creates a more efficient way to cut through the water. The blade of a wind turbine has taken this idea as it is a more efficient method.

Cabousier’s claimed that the bat which was an attempt at an airplane doesn’t work as our ideas should be functional and should be designed through science not nature. Although he was only partly right, he was ignoring the fact that we could make things inspired by nature as well as science.

Silk is significantly stronger than steel. Very fine fibres when used together create very strong materials. We may be creating a similar material by the structure of the fibres but there is no comparison between the way the it is made. For example we need oil for fibres which we drill in the ground for and uses lots of energy and waster, whereas a spider just needs flies.


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