Design as Activism Ideas & Storyboarding

FullSizeRender 33.jpgFrom my research I began to think of visual idea’s for our animation. I really liked the idea of a visual metaphor as working with such a sensitive subject matter I think that it works well. This is a very literal approach which communicates and explicit narrative. I showed Lily and Sherlock the storyboard which they really liked but we all thought that this would be too short for the 60 second animation. Lily suggested including expressive typography in response to the facts that I have included in my story board. This is a technique that we have all used in the Word module in first term which could express emotions visually.IMG_4310.JPGWe have tried combining images with facts and expressive type. We are really happy with this idea as combining idea’s has created a more interesting idea as well as filling up the 60 second time frame that we have to work within. Within our story board we have included sound effects such as a heart beat, door creeping, foot steps, gasps etc. this will emphasise feelings and emotions of victims of child abuse.FullSizeRender 34.jpgAfter having a tutorial with David I felt very positive at the stage which we were at. He really liked the idea of combining the images with the expressive type although he did mention that too much imagery would be too literal. Therefore we decided that we would cut some of the scenes to focus more on the imagery at the beginning of the story board of the shadow taking over the screen linking the visual metaphor to the expressive type. He suggested that we needed to think about how we are going to have transitions between scenes as this is an important aspect in our animation. We have decided that our piece would be aimed more at older children for example aged 9-15 and encouraging them to speak out. We all thought that this would be a more appropriate target audience as the use of type would not really be aimed at a 4 year old.FullSizeRender 36.jpgWe thought that the most effective way to approach this project is to all choose different aspects of the story board to animate individually then bring them together. Sherlock volunteered to animate the images of the teddy in bed as he felt more confident on this area, so me and Lily decided to each animate different sections of the expressive type. I’m very happy with the way that myself, Lily and Sherlock have collaboratively designed a story board visualising our ideas for the animation so far.


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