Visual Metaphors

A metaphor is a figure of speach which is an implied comparison between two different things. A visual metaphore uses this same idea but visually communicates a message which suggests something different. This is a very powerful technique in awareness campaigns as it engages the audience and makes them think how they can help. Using visual metaphors can be a good way to communicate a sensitive subject such as child abuse as it is not so direct and engages the audience.

visual metaphone global warming.jpg

This visual metaphor is very striking and clearly communicates the importance of global warming. The way that the globe is melting suggests an ice cream cone melting like the ice caps. No typography is needed to explain as the visual metaphor his so clear.

visual metaphore for smoking.jpg

Another visual metaphor that I like communicates a negative approach against smoking. The way that the hand is holding a cigarette with the shadow of the gun in the background creates an idea of how cigarettes are slowly killing you. By looking at these two contrasting  subject matters shows how visual metaphors can work for everything. This is an approach that we would like to include in our project to create awareness for child abuse.


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