Story Boarding


Lily and I were the only two from our group that attended todays story boarding workshop. Story boarding is a key factor to the process of creating a moving image video/animation. It helps with constructing a strong narrative and successful process so when you take it to screen you have a clear visualised plan. It can help to break down the key elements in the animation, help with the camera shots and traditions between movement and frames. Any audio can also be annotated in a story board whether it is diajetic or non-diajetic sounds such as audio music, dialogue and sound effects.

We were assigned the H&M 2016 winter advert called ‘come together’ directed by Wes Anderson. The advert is about how people are all on a train which is delayed because of the weather. At first you see each person in a train window and as the narrative evolves they come together and spend Christmas as one. Lily and I watched the video and decided the key frames to include in the story board. We have sketched out the key frames and included arrows to represent the transitions such as pan left/right, tilt up/down, zoom in/out. We have also annotated the story board with camera shot angles such as a long shot, mid shot and high and a low angle shot. We considered the audio in the advert although forgot to annotate it on the story board. The only dialogue in the advert is the conductor explaining to the passengers there will be a delay. Not only does this tell the passengers on the situation but also communicates with the audience by telling the narrative of the story. The sound of the train tracks reinforce the setting on the train, and the Christmas music highlights the festive season.

I really enjoyed story boarding as I can now see how you can visualise a narrative. This will really help with the planning of ideas and structure of the moving image. However as we have story boarded a finalised moving image clip it is more detailed than I expect our story boarding will be. We will be taking a different approach as we’ll be gathering our idea’s and planning the visual, transitional and audio elements of our animation within it.


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