Joanna Quinn

Joanna Quinn is an oscar nominated animator and english film director who came in to do a lecture about her work and experience in the industry. Some of the well known work that she spoke about was Girls Night Out, Britannia and Family Ties. I really enjoyed hearing from Joanna Quinn as we have just started an animation project so I felt very lucky to hear from such a well established animator.

Quinn does lots of her drawings by hand as that method works best for her, she spoke about in her working environment they do not care what the techniques used in the process as long as it is a well constructed final outcome. It was interesting to see the details of her drawings in contrast to the transition drawings which were basically just lines. It was fascinating how illustrations can transform from one thing to another as I have never seen this process before. Not only did I like the visual aspect of the animations, but I also liked the powerful narrative which is communicated in a humours way. I think that this collaboration works very well together was it engages the audience whilst creating an impacting message.

I feel like hearing from Quinn has definitely given me more of a knowledge on animation. The strong messages that she communicates through the narrative is definitely something that I want to focus on in the project. As well as building up some new skills on moving image and animation.


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