India Clausen

India Clausen came in to speak at the afterlife session today. I really enjoy all the different designers that come in to talk to us in the afterlife sessions. They all provide different insights into Graphic Communication and good advice. Although I found that India Clausen’s advice has been to most relevant to me as a designer at this moment in time.

She spoke a lot about her time in university and the transition between the quality of her work in first year compared to third year. She focused quite a lot on her moving image work which I really enjoyed as we have just started an animation project which I am new to. To see her moving image piece in first year compared to third year was really impressive. This gives me hope that I will be able to develop in this area.

Clausen began to speak about how she began a career after graduation. She is now working for weclickmedia who approached her at her degree show. This just goes to show how you need to put as much time and effort into every project, regardless on whether you enjoy it, as it can open up so many opportunities for you as a designer.

From working as a junior designer, a colleague left which opened up a designer role just 6 months after starting in weclickmedia, where she was left as the only Graphic Communicator at the company. I think this shows how you need to grab opportunities when they come and try to adapt to new situations. She is now living in Cardiff whilst still working for the firm in Bournemouth. This was very interesting to hear as she had such a big role in the office in contrast to working from home. Graphic Communications has so many different specialist areas and job roles whether it is working for a design agency or being a freelancer. This is a prime example of the versatility of Graphic Communications.


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