Group Research Responses

As a group we came together to discuss our research and idea’s so far. I showed our group my research on the NSPCC compared to the Barnardo’s campaign. We all decided that because of the sensitive subject matter, taking a cartoon/illustrative style would be a better approach, rather than a realistic style as this would be less shocking. Child abuse is a very broad topic covering lots of different types of abuse, from this we looked and these topics and began to brainstorm different elements that we could include within them.


By highlighting different idea that we had for each topic we began to explore further into sexual abuse. When I showed my group the facts and statistics that I gathered from the NSPCC website they all found them just as shocking as I did when reading them. Therefore we thought that this would be a very powerful message and would show the current issue of child abuse in todays society. As a group we looked on the NSPCC website and saw that they have a section for Real life stories. Reading some of these stories is very powerful as they are children’s actual experiences. We thought that it would be very powerful if we could visually communicate one of the real life stories in a animation using quotes from the story as well as facts and statistics.


After having a tutorial with David I think we have jumped into the project too quick. He liked our idea’s and thought that we were on the right track, although he wanted to know why our animation was going to be different to existing child abuse awareness campaigns. Whilst I think that communicating a child story would be visually very strong, we would not be pushing boundaries and trying to think of something that hasn’t already been done. Therefore as I was the only one that had started to do any research we have decided to go away and all research more. David suggested that it would be good to look at campaigns with a different subject matter to see how we could apply different techniques and approaches.



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