Child Abuse Campaigns

Child Abuse Awareness Emoji’s

emoji ad campaign.jpg

A Swedish charity BRIS has set up a campaign to try and help children speak out about child abuse. 8 in 10 people use emoji’s to communicate over social media. I think that this is a very effective technique to help children speak up about abuse. 1 in 3 children sexually abused by an adult did not tell anyone this suggests how some children find out hard to tell someone that they are being abused. This could be for a number of reasons whether they do not realise it is wrong, they are too scared to speak out or maybe too embarrassed. This is a way of children communicating the problems visually as they may find it difficult to put in to words what is happening to them.

Secret Anti Abuse Message 

secret abuse campaign.jpg

A Spanish organization called ANAR created a secret anti abuse campaign that communicates a different message to children and adults depending on the average height. It is targeted at adults to create awareness of child abuse. Where as a child perspective would see a boy who has been abused so they can spot the signs through the cuts and bruises on his face. “If someone hurts you, phone us and we’ll help you” along with the help line phone number engaging a younger audience to try and encourage them to speak up if they have been abused. I think that this is an extremely powerful campaign. I really like that one image is aimed at both adults and children depending on their perspective. Within our design as activism project I think that it is essential that we decide on whether on a very specific age range for the campaign. This will help determine whether we are raising awareness about child abuse, trying to educate children or parents, or whether we encouraging children to speak up etc.


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