Barnardo’s is another UK charity that helps vulnerable and under privileged children which was founded in 1866.

No Silver Spooning

PSA Nightmares: Barnardo’s No Silver Spoons

In comparison to the NSPCC campaigns that I researched into, the no silver spooning campaign communicates similar topics in a far more shocking way. I think that this is visually very strong and conveys the message very explicitly. Shortly after this campaign was released it was soon banned due to the shocking images. The Guardian posted an article from the director of communications at Barnardo’s in response to the campaign being banner. ‘Banned – but we’d do it again’ Even though this campaign was banned from the shocking images it definitely created awareness for children who are born into poverty. I can see why this campaign was banned as this could be very upsetting to lots of people especially children. Although this campaign is doing exactly what it set out to do, and making people stop and think. I think that campaigns at this graphic nature is at a very fine line depending on the context it is being displayed in. If the moving image advert was on tv after the water shed it would be more acceptable rather than these images being displayed on a bus shelter for all ages of the general public to see. As child abuse is a very sensitive subject I think that we need to be careful within our project on how we want to communicate the messages.



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