Design as Activism

For our new field project we have been briefed with a Design as Activism Project. Myself, Lily, Alfie and Sherlock have been put into a group of four and have to create a 60 second animation along with at least two pieces of printed ephemera. This project will allow us to push boundaries by exploring animation and moving image. I am very excited about this as I have never used animation or moving image skills before.

We had presentation from our tutor regarding the brief, showing us short animations each communicating strong and powerful messages. As a group we went away and tried to think of a topic that we want to portray in our project. We gathered a range of ideas such as; alcohol/drug awareness, global warming, gender equality, consent, smoking, animal testing, abuse, Donald Trump, the migrant crisis and social media. Whilst we felt like these were all good topics, the subject matter that we have decided to go with is child abuse. This is a topic which is currently an issue in the world and we feel like it needs to have a stronger awareness. By this being a current issue this will allow use to be able to research into it. Child abuse is quite a broad topic so as we are researching we can decide whether we want to have a general response to it or have a more direct message. We hope that as a group we can try to make a powerful and hard hitting message.


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