Postmodernism Architecture

“Neo-Furturism is the cross-pollination of art, cutting edge technologies and ethical values combined to create a pervasively high quality of life”

The Neo-Futurist Manifesto which was published to correspond with the Sant’Elia manifesto which was written by Vito Dibari who would refer to himself as a future. He designed the 02 Pram, 03 Suitcase, Ferrari bike, IR armchair, and a set for vinegar and oil, these are all concept deigns.

Postmodernism – an age that is no longer known as the modernism. It is characterised as a decline of ‘master narrative’ this is being referred to religion as it is known to make sense to the world suggested be Jean Francois Lyotard. Linked to that is the idea of relativism which is the idea of rejection to any rules. The third thing that can been related to postmodernism is Cynisism or incredulity which is an attitude of the mind, the lack of faith towards lots of thing for example, religion, politicians, scientists etc. Jacques Deridda suggests that the deconstruction defines postmodernism. The death of the author is when as soon as something is published it now belongs the the public which is a theory that Ronald Barthes believes.

Ethic and Morals – One way in which you often see them describe; Morals is what is right and wrong and become a more personal subject, Ethics are principles of right conduct and what effect society as a whole.



Cutting edge technologies


Ethical Values


Pervasively higher quality of life



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