City centres all across the UK took on the modern movement of ‘ugly’ concrete buildings ruined by the British weather, graffiti etc. which inspired Archigram. The Archigram group was a collaboration of architects and designers which created the Archigram magazine. They were practicing architects and graphic communicators who created 9 covers which weren’t published regularly but they were constantly trying to think outside the box and challenge the tradition ideology of architecture. This was a way of graphically communicating the journey of modern architecture the the Archigram magazine. They had an idea of a flexible city in contrast to concrete buildings. The Archigram group decided they would hold a conference called ‘idea’. They wanted top architects from all over the world to attend which took place in folkestone. It turned out to be a disaster because it was high jacked by architect students. After two years of archigram they felt themselves being attacked by a target audience that they felt that they were representing. This reinforced Oscar Wilds idea that ‘It is only the modern that ever becomes old-fashioned.’ Archigram were all about celebrating the new throw away system which embraced fashion.

Archigram can be seen in some graphic design showing the visually graphic shape and movements of building. I think that it is definitely important to think outside the box as this creates innovative pieces of work. A city is the combination of buildings, traffic, design and most importantly people. I think that people are the main aspect of a city as this brings a city alive. Architecture is a design and construction of a building usually interacting with people.


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