Gareth Strange

Today in afterlife Gareth Strange studied Graphic Design in Cardiff Atrium; he also loves illustration and photography. He works for Brand Sixty Eight, and beginning his own company called John&Jane.

Gareth spoke about how he has progressed as a designer and his steps after he graduated. I liked how he took us through a journey of him developing as a graphic designer. He showed us his work from first year which he classed as not very good in contrast to some work from third year in university. I found it interesting to see the progression through university to see how he has a designer improved, and as he said is improving every day. One of the most important pieces of advice that I took from this talk was to present a piece of work well. He said about how his first paid work he didn’t sell very well so the project was a disaster.

Another thing that Gareth said which stuck with me is ’embrace imperfections’ – as a designer I want to constantly improve and keep learning new things; and I feel that embrace imperfections will help me to be more experimental and playful with my ideas. He spoke about the importance of persistence and how it doesn’t her to be ‘cheeky’ once in a while. I am always worried that I do not have any work experience, and by hearing him saying about how just keep applying places and getting yourself out there seems like the best way of creating a network.

From this talk I found it interesting having a local designer come in to talk to us. This is good to see that there are lots of opportunities in Cardiff and you don’t always have to go to London to build a career in the design industry.


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