Frank Thomas Presentation

frank thomas presentation.jpg

For the final presentation we gathered all of our outcomes and displayed them together to show the collaboration of the work that we have produced. Whilst we spoke about our journey through Frank Thomas’s project we had an online presentation playing in the background showing the print based work and the animation

  • I created the two posters communicating Frank Thomas’s contrasting views on war before and after his experiences inspired by 1930s Nationalist posters.
  • Ellie – made the zine telling Frank Thomas’s story through layering and typography/calligraphy. I think this works really well as Frank Thomas’s story is quite complex and by using quotes from the reading material simplifies his story communicating it well.
  • Dan – designed a book cover that we used for the cover of the zine. I really like how he included the image of Frank Thomas and the map that was included in the reading material. It completes the zine and pulls together all of our pieces well.
  • Elizabeth – did a range of screen prints of different illustrative scenes. Some of these screen prints Ellie included within the zine, the whole of the zine was black and white then had some red and black screen prints within it. I think that these looked striking with the contrasting colour scheme. We also displayed four of the screen prints in the presentation which tie together well with the rest of the body of work because of the black white and red colour scheme.
  • Aiden – created the Illustration of Frank Thomas getting shot in the face and the word ‘Bang’ and the illustration of the cathedral. I love the illustration on Frank Thomas getting shot in the face, I think that the style is very suited to the collaboration of work and is a very powerful image.
  • Beki – painted three illustrations of scene’s that she would have imagined from Frank Thomas’ story. She painted in black and white as we decided as a group that this would help link the illustrations to the rest of the collaborative work. One of the pieces has a purple sky, I was worried that this would look too contrasting alongside the rest of our work because of the colour although I love the way she has painted it and think it really enhances the part in Frank Thomas’ story where he stares at the stars in the sky.
  • Naomi – made the animation and put together the power point of images which is a way she presented her animation. I loved the animation as it was very short although captured Frank Thomas’ story very well! She based her animation on the quote which I translated from the reading material ‘war is neither romantic nor glorious’ and definitely communicated this well through the body language and the graveyard background which links well to my poster.
  • The other girl in our group created the three screen prints on the right hand side. The colour scheme works well with the rest of our pieces and incapsulates the link between Frank Thomas being from Cardiff and fighting for the Spanish Civil War.

I was very happy seeing the work come together! By sticking to a limited colour scheme, mainly using black, white, red and yellow definitely helped in collaborating the pieces. The darker colours suggests the darkness of war and the red and yellow connoted the Spanish flag colour. Even though we all went away and worked on pieces individually, by setting some requirements to follow help create a body of work. We kept in contact through social media and met up to show each other developments of pieces and to give and receive feedback about our pieces along the way. I think that we have worked really well as a team as our group was very large which made it difficult to communicate with all members of the group, especially as some members were late joining or were difficult to keep contact with. Although besides that I think that most members contributed to the group very well and everyone created successful pieces of work.

I have really enjoyed collaborating and working with creative people from disciplines. I think that this is very beneficial for when we leaving CSAD and we will be collaborating with peoples from other disciplines. I feel that my collaboration skills have developed and has given me more confidence with working in a team. So far field has enabled me to think more in depth on narrative and how you can tell a story and create questions in your work. This is important in graphic design when communicating a message and engaging the target audience.

I want to explore further in field collaborating with others from graphic communication or other disciplines. I feel confident working individually as I can work to my own pace and experiment with my own ideas. Although I have thoroughly enjoyed working in a group and sharing ideas. If I would do it differently I would choose to be in a smaller group as I found it difficult to keep in contacts with all members of a large group. Within the next field project I am hoping to learn new skills and research different disciplines to inform my practice.


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