The manual of the dwelling

Demand a kitchen, one of the largest rooms in the house, with two fridges to be full at all times. One wall to be entirely mirrored, opening up the room to look even larger. The most up to date cocktail bar, with ingredients for up to 100 cocktails.

A adjoining party room, in which you can have hundreds of guests. Never have parties past this area as your house will get trashed. In this room demand a dj stand, dance floor and ice buckets etc.

Demand one really large swimming pool, so everyone can go swimming after the extravagant parties. Built in jacuzzi and sauna, which is expensive to buy, but great to relax in.

If you can, put a dog play pen in the house, so all the dogs can run wild.

Demand heated flooring.

Demand an aga.

Buy a grand king size bed and never get a smaller bed. If you want a smaller bed, go and sleep on the floor. Put only a few pillows on the bed as too many are not good.

Keep all your clothes in your walking wardrobe.

The cinema room will play any new film of your choice, and you will avoid catching colds in the theatre.

Teach your children that a house is only habitable when full with fun and puppies, and the cupboards full of food.

Demand a separate garage for your Bentley GT Continental and Mercedes G-Wagon.

Demand that your garden is big enough incase you ever need to land a helicopter in it.

Take a house which is larger than what you parents ever accustomed you to, aim high and don’t stop until you achieve it.


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