Lee Fairbrother

In todays afterlife talk Lee Fairbrother came is who is a Creative Director at Accelerate, a design firm located in London. He has worked on many projects but two of his favourites are designing the app Bill, and when he worked with Olympic GB team and design the Olympic lion mascot.

This was my favourite afterlife talks so far and definitely one of the most motivating and engaging talks I have been to. Most of the talk he gave advice on how to be a great designer and where you was to be after you graduate.

Some points that he kept touching upon and really stuck with me is that always ask! If you don’t ask you can’t get and the worst thing you will get is a no. Another is ‘don’t be a dick’ how being nice will get you a long way as people will always have more time to work with you and help if you are nice. How you shouldn’t be disheartened if someone doesn’t like your work, as that is only one persons opinion but know when to take criticisms on board.



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