Spanish Civil War Posters

Spanish Civil War Posters

I have gathered a range of different posters from the Spanish Civil War time both Nationalist and Republican. They all have a graphic style with bold shapes and colour which makes all of the posters striking and communicating strong messages. In nearly all of these posters it includes the colour red which connotes danger, death and blood which are all aspects of war.

nationalist spanish civil war posters.jpg
Nationalist Posters

The nationalist posters that I have gathered all suggest how ‘strong’ and ‘powerful’ the anti-communists were in the war. The way that in lots of the posters there are soldiers by extending the right arm into the air with a straightened hand is a gesture that was used as a greeting in Nazi Germany which highlight the fascism in the posters. Another element that appears in nationalist propaganda is the symbolic lion which is an animal that represents strength and leadership. This is an ideology which the anti-communists feel that they are. Lots of Nationalists were religious and the Irish came to fight in the civil war to protect the Spanish catholic clergies this is represented in the propaganda posters by using religious emblems.

To communicate Frank Thomas’s experience in the Spanish civil war I have decided to  design a series of poster creating a narrative through text and image. I think that this strong and powerful style of a fascist poster would work well to represent his ideology of war being desirable and glorious before he joined. Although whilst he was in the war and after it finish his view on war soon changed therefore I think that I would need a different style to communicate these feelings that he had.



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