Frank Thomas Group Idea’s & Progress

As a group we decided that we would each convey Frank Thomas’s journey in the war in different outcomes. I decided to communicate his idea of before the war in contrast to his view on after the war through posters. Ellie is creating a Zine, Dan is designing a book cover, Beki and Elizabeth are creating illustrations and Naomi is making an animation. We decided that some of these could be shrunk down and incorporated into the Zine. We made a group chat so we can keep sending each other design idea’s and progress. I think that this was working really well and we would create a strong body of work linking to each others pieces. Although due to more members joining the group late and having little contact with them they seem to be creating there own pieces. I am worried that this will be  difficult to tie all of our work in with each other in the exhibition. Although we are trying to organise a meeting with all of our members so we can see how we can see the others progress.


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