The power & impact of creativity in education

We began to look at the power & impact of word, image & narrative in protests. A very powerful way of communicating these ideas is by propaganda, posters and plaques. Propaganda isn’t just in protest, it can create work that can be communicated in different ways although it is bias and put out there by a person of power. We looked at lots of protest material from pro and anti suffrage, vietnams war, the 2017 womens march etc.

protests examples.jpg

From this we got into our groups and created protest material based on our education of creativity manifesto. One key concept that we wanted to portray in this piece is the education system should treat each student individually. Schools have such a uniform way of teaching trying to hit criteria’s and grades. The first poster of all the people in lines represents the students conforming to the teaching methods. The pink person suggests the creativity in education trying to fight through. We decided to use black and pink as we thought that visually this looks very graphic, by having a white background this stands out well.

Beneath this poster we creating a ‘don’t kill creativity’ poster. I feel that this delivers the message and creates a strong impact. Although because the texts starts with ‘don’t’ it suggests a negative phrase as well as communicating a powerful message there fore we wanted to design a more positive poster to contrast this. The third poster we created looks like a silhouette of a person although when you open the poster up it is suggesting the creativity coming out from beneath the person. We thought that using the bright pink works well as the colour represents creativity and the phrase ‘inside every person is a creative person’ anchors that well.

As well as the series of posters we also created some printed ephemera in the same style. We have taken quotes from our manifesto and put them in speech bubbles, this interacts with the audience as the speech is making a statement. This series of posters and printed ephemera would be aimed at people in the education system to try and encourage creativity across all subjects in a way of teaching and learning. The printed ephemera would be put inside text books and stuck around schools etc.

dont kill creativity protest material.jpg



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