Guernica was created by Picasso in 1937 which is a mural sized oil painting. Picasso painted this piece in response to when the Nazi German air force bombed the town of Guernica. Guernica is such a powerful image that it helps us relate to war and crimes of modern time. In groups Picasso’s painting helped influence our piece relating to the education of creativity. Guernica is formed of abstract images, shapes and a grey scale colour scheme therefore wanted to use similar techniques.


The lightbulb that we have used is inspired by the Guernica which suggests our thought for idea and creativity in education. In the background we included a tree made from pages in a book with text on the pages and our goldfish climb up the tree. We felt like the goldfish should be our main focal point to represent the idea of judging a goldfish on it’s ability to climb a tree. We were able to choose one colour to include in the piece, by keeping the whole piece grey scale and just having the goldfish orange makes it stand out well. The other elements from our piece are influenced by the Guernica painting such as the people,, the bull etc but have developed these to communicate the education of creativity, for example we have included objects relating to our topic; the man holding a scroll, the teacher holding books, a roller, the bull wearing a graduation hat etc. The way that the hands at the bottom in the centre of the piece are reaching up suggests children in a classroom although the way that all the elements in the piece are either reaching or looking upwards suggests an ideology of hopefulness. Down with the past in education and up with the future in schools, celebrating creativity and how important it is in education.

FullSizeRender 21.jpg

I found this task interesting and thought it was good to have a mix of graphic designers and illustrators in a group we were able to have different outlooks on the same piece. We decided to use a collage technique as we thought that this would work well in a group as we could all cut out separate parts and bring it together. This is also effective when it comes to layering the piece and thinking about layout and hierarchy.


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