Education of Creativity

Today was our first day of field where we began with what we were excited about in field and what we were worried about. I was excited about working with other people from different disciplines although was worried that it would be boring. Although so far I am enjoying it a lot, I like how hands on the activities are and the way of bringing all different influences to create quick and exciting work.

We got into groups of similar interests and what concerns us about the work. The group that I was in was ‘Education for Creativity’. We are fed up of creativity people being seen as ‘stupid’ if they are not as academic in school. A few members of the group had recently seen a video ‘I just sued the school system’ which we felt was a very strong message and can help influence our thoughts on this issue. Together we formed a manifesto proposing our concerns about this issue;

The education for creativity manifesto. At the crossroads of uniform education the time has come for reappraisal of fundamental freedom. We the undesigned have had enough of suppressing individuality and creativity. For too long a goldfish has been judged by it’s ability to climb a tree. We are dismayed by the lack of appreciation for individuality. Down with the past! Up with the future! We declare that we want a change of system. We renounce standardised tests. We celebrate that every child has different needs and skills.

In order to make a better world in education we propose that: All children should be given the same opportunity despite where their talents may be. Nobody should be pushed aside for not conforming. Everyone should be given individual treatment. There will be no failure. We shall fight until change is made.

Once we had time to process and reflect upon our manifesto we had to visually communicate this through cutting into paper. We decided that the visually strongest message in our manifest was that for too long a goldfish has been judged by it’s ability to climb a tree. Therefore we thought that this would of been the most interesting phrase to communicate to our audience.

education of creativity cut out mindmap process.jpg

As a group we decided that we wanted to have an open book with a tree coming out of it with lots of goldfishes trying to climb up and hanging off the tree. I think that this was a fun and powerful way of communicating this message. We chose the colour orange as this represents the goldfish well. I love the technique of cutting paper as it is so simple but very effective. The way that the tree is coming out of the book suggests a burst of creativity in education.

FullSizeRender 20.jpg


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