Spanish Civil War

I have watched a video on the  Spanish Civil War which was in 1936-1939. It was one of the most savage civil conflict in Europe between the divided left-wing republicans and right-wing nationalists.

Republicans-workers, the trade unions, socialists and peasants.

Nationalists-monarchists, landowners, employers, the Roman Catholic Church and the army.

After the Wall Street Crash the country was hit hard by the Great Depression. In 1929 the military dictatorship collapse, they felt the King could no longer protect them. For the next few years there was political rivals between the two parties and the elected government switched from right to left. Spain was very divided and unstable then in 1936 the army rebelled and removed the republicans from power and a civil war began.

On the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean Spain has naval bases that the Fascists could control shipping and submarine bases. This put pressure on European nations by their economical status and military. Germany and Italy’s fascist leaders Hitler and Mussolini gave troops and weapons to the Spanish nationalist army. They both had aims for Spain to fall to the right-wing Nationalist, if that happened it would be important for both Germany and Italy to become allies with Spain.

France and Britain did not want Spain to become a Nationalist neither a Republican nation. They stopped anything reaching Spain but could not stop the Germans and Italians sending weapons and troops to the Nationalists. The Republicans were left to try and fight on their own or rely on Stalin’s Russia.

Rebelling against a Fascist nation it got men and women all over Europe and America to Spain, up to 15,000 people were fighting in the International Brigades. The Republicans were fighting against the right-wing to try and keep democracy.

The Nationalists won the war after Madrid was captured in March 1939. Hitler was made more powerful as he has another ally and made Germany and Italy stronger together.


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