Reflection of Smells Like Teen Spirit

This study group has taught me not just about street style, its about how material, culture and meanings can allow you to express ideologies through your work. I have started to realise that I am looking at things in a different way. In just in 8 weeks it has altered the way I see things and I approach my work differently by looking at different elements and unpicking them trying to understand how an audience will view my work and whether I can communicate my meaning through visual and typographical detail. The way that the sub-cultures express these meanings suggests how different subcultures have shown their beliefs and ideas visually in the way that they dress. This has shown me how you can make a political or cultural view powerful visually in a piece of deign work and the strong messages that you can communicate to a viewer. Re-signification occurs in all of the sub-cultures we have looked at throughout this study group, this shows how they all borrow things from the past and change the function of it or exaggerating an object. Materials, forms and functions can provide meanings that can be communicated through design to make a statement in my work. I can relate this to my practice by looking at traditional designers and breaking their rules of ‘good taste’ and fusing together different sources to create a new meaning in design work. I have more confidence in challenging visual material cultures and being able to question traditions, stereotypes and mainstream notions of beauty and taste. I have found it difficult to apply theory to my constellation formative essay although using columns analysis has helped me a lot as it breaks down the components of an essay so I can try to find theory to back up my point.


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